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Pranks Movies

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Awesome PrankAwesome Prank
This guy has no clue that his buddies have planned a hilarious prank on him. I have never seen that
Back Seat Practical JokeBack Seat Practical Joke
WARNING: Language - This guy's friends get together and plan a joke that scares the crap out of him
Balloons Prank JerkBalloons Prank Jerk
The guy in this video acts like a real jerk and a baby! They fill his office with balloons and he ge
Baseball Head PrankBaseball Head Prank
Funny prank video. A group of guys make people think that they are about to be hit in the head with
Bill Gates Pie In The FaceBill Gates Pie In The Face
Bill Gates got a pie in the face from a practical joker and it was caught on video. People can say a
Boobs Camera PrankBoobs Camera Prank
This video is awesome funny! A couple walks up to total strangers and ask them to take their picture
Box Man PrankBox Man Prank
Great prank video! They set up a box so that it looks like a man is holding it up. People think they
Butt On Fire PrankButt On Fire Prank
WARNING: Language - A guy lights his friends butt on fire while he is asleep. He got a good laugh ou
Chinese Food Prank Phone CallChinese Food Prank Phone Call
Ok this audio file may sound a bit confusing but once you understand what is going on it is really f
College Shower PrankCollege Shower Prank
WARNING: Language - This college kids friends took his towel and so he had to run back to his room c
Dead Body PrankDead Body Prank
doctor on pathology got scared by his colleague
Dead Body Prank VideoDead Body Prank Video
This is a hilarious practical joke caught on tape. This guy is about to do some kind of medical proc
Dead Deer PrankDead Deer Prank
Super funny prank video! A television show ties a fake deer to the hood of a car and makes it talk t
Deep Sleeper Get's OwnedDeep Sleeper Get's Owned
How in the world can someone sleep this solid? If you sleep this deep, then you are more than likely
Dirty Nun PrankDirty Nun Prank
This prank video is funny. A nun drops a picture of a muscular young guy with no shirt on. Some of t
Dirty Turban Prank CallDirty Turban Prank Call
One of the funniest prank phone calls I have heard in a long time! They actually call the guy back a
Drive Thru Prank Goes WrongDrive Thru Prank Goes Wrong
Some loser decides that he is going to throw a cup of water on a lady who is giving him his order in
Driveby PrankDriveby Prank
speakers on busy streets play audio of screeching tires
Fake Glass Door PrankFake Glass Door Prank
The old fake glass door prank gets em' every time. Next time I walk up to a door like this I am goin
Fake Gun PrankFake Gun Prank
hilarious prank. Watch and laugh on those peoples
Fake Shock - Practical JokeFake Shock - Practical Joke
A man plays a great practical joke on his buddy! The friends reaction is priceless.
Flash Screamer PranksFlash Screamer Pranks
Here is another video of someone scaring a bunch of their friends with one of those flash screamers.
Funny Darth Vader PrankFunny Darth Vader Prank
I laughed like crazy over this video! A man dresses up like Darth Vader and scares his wife in the m
Funny Fake Baby PrankFunny Fake Baby Prank
I bet you have never seen a baby as ugly as this one! Actually it is a guy pulling a pretty funny pr
Funny Hatchback PrankFunny Hatchback Prank
Ouch! Watch my fingers...
Funny Office Prank On BossFunny Office Prank On Boss
Funny Video! A guy plays a prank on his boss by wrapping ever thing in his office in foil. I dont wa
Funny Scarecrow PrankFunny Scarecrow Prank
This is a hilarious video! A man dressed up like a scarecrow scares people on the street. These peop
Funny Sign Changing PrankFunny Sign Changing Prank
Have you ever changed around the letters on a sign to make it say something funny? Well the guys in
Garbage Man SurpriseGarbage Man Surprise
The friendly neighborhood garbage man is making his rounds when a kid decides to play a little joke
Garbage PrankGarbage Prank
cool video of dustmen making fun of people.
Glass Door PrankGlass Door Prank
doorman pretends he opens door for a guy.
Grim Reaper PrankGrim Reaper Prank
Super funny prank. With the help of a little video magic these people see the grim reaper standing r
Guy Tricked - Feels Up His MomGuy Tricked - Feels Up His Mom
Haha, what a mean prank! What's funny about this one is, his Mom just sits there as he gropes her. P
Halloween Prank PunchHalloween Prank Punch
Now this is a funny video! A Halloween prank backfires and a man gets punched in the face. I bet he
Hand Caught In TrunkHand Caught In Trunk
Great prank video! A guy makes people think that his hand has been slammed in the car trunk. They ru
Hidden Drugs PrankHidden Drugs Prank
Funny prank video. This man hides fake drugs on some people and then has a fake police officer searc
Hilarious Car PrankHilarious Car Prank
they all scream at the same time to wake him up
Horn Connected To Brakes - Practical JokeHorn Connected To Brakes - Practical Joke
Some guys wire their friends car horn to his brakes so every time he hits the brakes his horn goes o
Huge Rubber Band PrankHuge Rubber Band Prank
Two guys sneak up on their friend's cubicle and pop him with a huge rubber band! They score a direct
Ice Cream PrankIce Cream Prank
The kid in this video must have been inspired by the drive thru prankster we posted a while back. He
Kids Crossing PrankKids Crossing Prank
Funny prank video. People are stuck in traffic while a never ending line of kids and people cross th
Mail Box Practical JokeMail Box Practical Joke
A guy hides inside a mailbox and when people put their mail in he throws it back out. Whatever you d
Prank Video - Vacuum To LipsPrank Video - Vacuum To Lips
Language WARNING - Late one night a kid sneaks into his brothers room and gives him a rude awakening
QVC Porn CallerQVC Porn Caller
Now here is a funny video. Some guy calls up the QVC shopping station and starts talking about all t
Raining Packing PeanutsRaining Packing Peanuts
Hilarious video of a great office prank. They set up the ceiling tile to rain down packing peanuts o
Road Trip PrankRoad Trip Prank
A group of guys are coming back from a road trip when one of them falls asleep. The rest of the guys
Scare PranksScare Pranks
compilation of pranks, the reactions are priceless
Scare TacticsScare Tactics
hilarious scene from Scaretactics tv show. Funny clip
Shaving Cream Drunk PrankShaving Cream Drunk Prank
A guy passes out drunk and his friends pull the old shaving cream trick on him. Man this guy is real
Shaving Cream Prank VideoShaving Cream Prank Video
A classic practical joke! Shaving cream in the hand and a feather to the face. :)
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