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Stick Cricket344,770
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Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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240 Z Commercial240 Z Commercial
If Nissan were to re-release this exact same car, and use these EXACT same commercials, I bet there
7up Christmas Commercial7up Christmas Commercial
Who can remember this classic 7up commercial ?
9 Live Commercial9 Live Commercial
This is a classic from the early 90s.
A Classic Auto CommercialA Classic Auto Commercial
Things are not always what they appear. That's all we're gonna say.
A Colgate CommercialA Colgate Commercial
Another strange commercial from the early nineties.
A Guy DreamA Guy Dream
This is a very strange commercial. They think that a guys dream is to have his very own... well just
A Very Sexy Mazda Truck CommercialA Very Sexy Mazda Truck Commercial
This commercial is very sexist...I love it !
Almond Joy CommercialAlmond Joy Commercial
One of my favorite chocolate bars of all time.
Almost Perfect GirlAlmost Perfect Girl
I think us guys can agree that this girl is a keeper!
Alphabits Toy Giveaway CommercialAlphabits Toy Giveaway Commercial
They were giving away 50 robots.
Always Use CondomsAlways Use Condoms
A funny commercial with a good lesson for us all. The punch line is at the end so dont miss it.
AmeriQuest Super Bowl CommercialAmeriQuest Super Bowl Commercial
Very creative commercial that AmeriQuest ran during the Super Bowl. Hey what would you think if you
American Express Credit Card CommercialAmerican Express Credit Card Commercial
Stephen King sells out in this commercial...not for the first time.
Annoying DogAnnoying Dog
What would you do if your girlfriend had an annoying dog? Check out what the guy in this funny comme
Another Crazy Anti Violence CommercialAnother Crazy Anti Violence Commercial
Prepare yourself to be scared and a little amused !
Another GI Joe CommercialAnother GI Joe Commercial
GI Joe commercial #2
Anti Blushing PillsAnti Blushing Pills
Funny commercial for anti blushing pills. The girl in this ad reaches for her phone but accidentally
Anything For LoveAnything For Love
Funny commercial that shows a guy who will do anything for love. Some of you guys have probably had
Apple Intel Parody CommercialApple Intel Parody Commercial
The blue screen of death is back !
Apple Spoof CommercialApple Spoof Commercial
A different take on an apple commercial.
Arnolds Weird Japanese CommercialArnolds Weird Japanese Commercial
I'm sure Arnold is a strong believer in this product.
Asian MassageAsian Massage
No matter what happens, the ending will he happy.
Atari CommercialAtari Commercial
Classic commercial for a classic console.
Awesome Beer CommercialAwesome Beer Commercial
Cool commercial for Carlton Draught beer. They use hundreds of people to form a scene on the ground.
Awesome Toyota CommercialAwesome Toyota Commercial
I dont want to mess up the surprise so lets just say that this Toyota commercial is cool. It looks l
Awesome Tribute CommercialAwesome Tribute Commercial
Awesome commercial! Check it out. At first you wonder what all these people are clapping about then
BC Lions Cheering Works CommercialBC Lions Cheering Works Commercial
All she needed was a little coaching.
BMW Ipod CommercialBMW Ipod Commercial
BMW apparently was the first car to offer Ipod intergration.
BMW M5 CommercialBMW M5 Commercial
A sweet commercial for a sweet ride.
BMX That Falls Just ShortBMX That Falls Just Short
You'd think you'd do the proper math before trying something like this.
Bacon Chicken RanchBacon Chicken Ranch
A crazy Burger King commercial that makes me so hungry.
Ballet For MenBallet For Men
Isenbeck brings you the newest way to pick up girls. Trust a beer company to come up with this.
Ballmer Selling Windows 1.0Ballmer Selling Windows 1.0
Only $99 dollars !
Bang And Olufson Audio CommercialBang And Olufson Audio Commercial
Whatever they're selling, I'm buying !
Banned Budweiser Superbowl CommercialBanned Budweiser Superbowl Commercial
The reason for the nipple slip.
Banned Chinese Beer CommercialBanned Chinese Beer Commercial
This one has all the guys from Kung Fu hustle in it and for some reason was banned.
Banned Ikea CommercialBanned Ikea Commercial
This is one hilarious and cheeky commercial.
Banned Korean Noodle CommercialBanned Korean Noodle Commercial
This one was so naughty they just couldnt air it.
Banned Super Bowl AdBanned Super Bowl Ad
Janet Jackson nipple slip explained. Hilarious Clip.
Banned Victoria Secret CommercialBanned Victoria Secret Commercial
I imagine by todays standards this video would have made it on the air.
Banned Windows XP CommercialBanned Windows XP Commercial
I really do hate bra straps!
Banned Xbox 360 CommercialBanned Xbox 360 Commercial
Here is a commercial for X Box 360 that was banned. I guess they banned it because it makes fun of p
Barbera Bush Service AnnouncementBarbera Bush Service Announcement
Is it me or are the children in this commercial on LSD ?
Bathroom CompetitionBathroom Competition
We all know that men like to compete but the silly guy in this commercial takes things a little too
Be More Open MindedBe More Open Minded
PBS commercial about a skunk who is married to a man.
Beauty And The BeastBeauty And The Beast
Becareful who you give your last rolo to.
Beer Commercial - Smoking Hot ChickBeer Commercial - Smoking Hot Chick
Well guys whats not to like about this one? A smoking hot chick with a beer in her hand! Wait for th
Beer Commercial ClipBeer Commercial Clip
cool Heineken commercial funny video.
Beer Commercial Spoofs Mars RoverBeer Commercial Spoofs Mars Rover
This funny commercial is a spoof of the Mars rovers that NASA sent up. They did a great job on it.
Beer For Old PeopleBeer For Old People
Even though this beer commercial is not in English you can still tell whats going on and it is total
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