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Stick Cricket344,770
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Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
Top Rated
9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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Amazing Movies Movies

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250 Pound Dumbells250 Pound Dumbells
Gahh!! Watch this monster lift 250 Pound dumbells.
3 Arms Baby3 Arms Baby
Remember how mom always used to say "Three hands are better than two" ?
3-D Computer Desktop3-D Computer Desktop
Video of a futurist 3-D computer desktop. You can do some amazing stuff with this software. Maybe on
300 Km Hour Again300 Km Hour Again
Vroom vroom, blah blah. Let's make bets on whether this guy is alive right now.
4x4 Bus4x4 Bus
Well how else do you think the kids on Indian reservations get to school?
8 Year Old Racer X Tunes8 Year Old Racer X Tunes
This kid is only 8 years old.
80 Foot Dropoff80 Foot Dropoff
A skiier drops 80 feet off a cliff and sticks the landing. I can't tell for sure but I think it migh
80 Parachute Diamond80 Parachute Diamond
Amazing skydiving video! A group of 80 skydivers form a diamond in the sky. It really takes a lot of
9 Car Tree9 Car Tree
The luckiest man at the rally race.
90 Year Old Standing One Finger90 Year Old Standing One Finger
Watch a 90 year old man balance himself on one finger.
93 Spins93 Spins
Watch this kid spin on his head... 93 TIMES!
A6 Man Sucked Into EngineA6 Man Sucked Into Engine
A Navy Crewman, working on an A-6 Intruder gets pulled into the number one engine while preparing fo
Acoustic Guitar SkillsAcoustic Guitar Skills
Some of the most amazing guitar skills we've ever seen. His name is Justin King.
Air France A340 300Air France A340 300
At Juliana Airport, Sint Maarten, the airplanes come in for a landing really REALLY low. Here is wha
Airplane AerobaticsAirplane Aerobatics
Amazing airplane aerobatics video. These stunt pilots bring their planes really close to the ground
Airplane Crash CompilationAirplane Crash Compilation
So many amazing crashes in one video !
Alexander Overchkin Great GoalAlexander Overchkin Great Goal
Professional hockey player Alexander Overchkin scores an amazing goal. Watch it in slow motion to se
Amazing 90 Footer Basketbal ShotsAmazing 90 Footer Basketbal Shots
Labron James knocks off a few 3 pointers from the other end of the court !
Amazing Airplane StuntsAmazing Airplane Stunts
One very talented female pilot takes her old plane for the craziest ride of her life.
Amazing Asian DancersAmazing Asian Dancers
I don't know, it doesn't seem all that amazing to...oh. Damn.
Amazing Basketball DunkAmazing Basketball Dunk
One of the most amazing plays ever caught on film!
Amazing Bass Guitar BattleAmazing Bass Guitar Battle
These two are the most skilled bass guitar players ever touch touch the strings.
Amazing Bike SaveAmazing Bike Save
This guy saves himself from a horrible crash on his bike.
Amazing Bike StuntsAmazing Bike Stunts
7 guys all driving around in a giant hamster ball at excessive speeds. This is truley amazing!!
Amazing Bowling ShotAmazing Bowling Shot
How he made this shot I will never know. This is one talented guy.
Amazing Break Dance BattleAmazing Break Dance Battle
Two friends go head to head in class and blow everyone away !
Amazing Cartoon Rock VideoAmazing Cartoon Rock Video
It looks like the guy who does Samurai Jack did the animation for this.
Amazing Coffee ArtAmazing Coffee Art
Learn how to design some very fancy looking lattes.
Amazing Coin TrickAmazing Coin Trick
This weirdo swallows a coin then cuts it out of his wrist.
Amazing Cricket CatchAmazing Cricket Catch
Weird sport but filled with many talented players. Check out this amazing catch!
Amazing Drifting AbilityAmazing Drifting Ability
This guy can drift the car backwards !
Amazing Fire EscapeAmazing Fire Escape
A news camera man barely escapes his building when it sets on fire.
Amazing Guitar SkillsAmazing Guitar Skills
I could do that if I wanted..but I dont feel like it right now.
Amazing Head TrickAmazing Head Trick
You will not believe this one! I have no clue how she did this trick but it is amazing. If you know
Amazing Hockey GoalAmazing Hockey Goal
This is almost as good as Alexander Ovechkin's amazing shot against Phoenix.
Amazing Hockey Trick GoalAmazing Hockey Trick Goal
How this guy scored like this I may never know. This definatly takes a lot of practice and skills.
Amazing Juggling FinaleAmazing Juggling Finale
Done to match a Beatles track...what a talented guy.
Amazing Man Born With No ArmsAmazing Man Born With No Arms
The things that this man is able to do using only his feet are truly amazing.
Amazing Movie StuntsAmazing Movie Stunts
It takes a brave man to execute these stunts properly.
Amazing Parachute LandingAmazing Parachute Landing
This guy manages to land on a log floating in the water.
Amazing Pool ShotAmazing Pool Shot
It doesn't look that hard..does it ?
Amazing Rollerblade Stair JumpAmazing Rollerblade Stair Jump
A brave man jumps 2 sets of 30 stairs and lands.
Amazing Soccer Ball SkillsAmazing Soccer Ball Skills
This is the finest footwork Ive ever seen when it comes to ball juggling. You wont even believe your
Amazing Soccer MoveAmazing Soccer Move
How did he do this? There must be a lot less gravity in this stadium. That explains it.
Amazing Street HypnotistAmazing Street Hypnotist
Real or fake, you decide.
Army Missile CommandArmy Missile Command
Video of these amazing vehicles in action.
Autistic Basketball 20 PointsAutistic Basketball 20 Points
This is truly amazing. It's not because the kid is autistic, it's more because he's white.
Awesome Baseball PlayAwesome Baseball Play
Maybe one of the best baseball plays of all times! Check out this awesome flip toss to the second ba
Awesome Dirt Biking TrickAwesome Dirt Biking Trick
Almost looks as if he is defeating gravity with this move. All I have to say is WOW!
Awesome Football SkillsAwesome Football Skills
Think you're good at soccer? Check out some of these moves.
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