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Stick Cricket344,770
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Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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Crazy Movies

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170Km Mountain Bike Crash170Km Mountain Bike Crash
This crazy guy demolishes himself hauling ass down this volcano.
1992 LA Riot Footage1992 LA Riot Footage
Some footy from a cery crazy and scary time. Sometimes people of are just so stupid.
2005 Extreme Videos2005 Extreme Videos
Looking back on 2005 one thing is clear. Some people got hurt.
200mph Drag Race Crash200mph Drag Race Crash
Both these people survived this explosive crash.
2girls Backyard Party Stab2girls Backyard Party Stab
Jesus. Are there really people who behave like this. Gross.
3 Card Poker3 Card Poker
You're the stud as you try and take on House in this 3-card poker game.
Another complete psycho drives his motorcycle at 300 kilometers per hour.
320KM On The Highway320KM On The Highway
One very crazy Polish biker takes his machine to insane speeds.
408lbs Vs 233lbs408lbs Vs 233lbs
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
5 Card Draw5 Card Draw
Think you have poker skills? Step up and prove it bucko.
5 Gallon Gravity Bong5 Gallon Gravity Bong
Parents, this is what you send your kids to college for. These kids get an A plus in my books.
A Bomb Down UnderA Bomb Down Under
Another video of those crazy guys who light off gasoline bombs.
A Very Terrible DriverA Very Terrible Driver
I imagine this person got their license from a cereal box.
Absolutist BlackJackAbsolutist BlackJack
Play casino style Blackjack. Hit, stand, or double down. Insure against ace.
Ace BlackjackAce Blackjack
A game for all you betters out there. Very addictive.
Air Strike VacationAir Strike Vacation
We dont know the whole story on this video so if you have any more info please post it. It looks lik
Almost Shoots BabyAlmost Shoots Baby
Extreme video. Some guy tries to rob a place but one of the workers starts shooting at him. The craz
Amusement Park Ride CollapsesAmusement Park Ride Collapses
This is not the kind of ride these people paid for.
Angry Bus RiderAngry Bus Rider
Video caught by the surveillance system on a city bus. One of the riders gets really mad then gets o
Anime BlackJackAnime BlackJack
Play Blackjack against this Anime Dealer
Another Crazy Christmas Lights VideoAnother Crazy Christmas Lights Video
A Country approach to a programmed Christmas light display.
Another WTC Street AngleAnother WTC Street Angle
Another angle from close up as the tower collapses.
Anti War Music VideoAnti War Music Video
A anti war music video compilation featuring Immortal Technique.
Are You HungryAre You Hungry
Some jackass throws dead fish and other animals at passing boaters. This is where a flare gun would
Arrested Guy Hits HeadArrested Guy Hits Head
Wild video taken when the police arrest a suspect. The man is a nut case and starts hitting his own
Ashlee Simpson Acting CrazyAshlee Simpson Acting Crazy
Someone in a McDonald's caught Ashlee Simpson on video tape acting crazy. She is talking out of her
Asian Girl Kicks Guy In The BallsAsian Girl Kicks Guy In The Balls
OK, this video is just crazy! A slim Asian girl kicks a guy in the balls over and over. This guy is
Asian Guy Bites FireworkAsian Guy Bites Firework
Insane video clip! This Asian dude is going to need a trip to the dentist after this crazy stunt. He
Asian Guy Gets ShockedAsian Guy Gets Shocked
For some reason an Asian guy lets someone shock him all over his body with a car battery. I guess th
Asian School Girls Do Numa NumaAsian School Girls Do Numa Numa
We cannot promise you the time spent watching this video will be enjoyable.
Assasination AttemptAssasination Attempt
An assasination attempt goes horribly wrong. Or right. I guess it depends on what side you're on.
Attempted Cat RescueAttempted Cat Rescue
Some people are trying to rescue a cat that seems to be stuck in a tree. The cat falls to the ground
Automatic HandgunAutomatic Handgun
This handheld gun delivers a short burst like an uzi with deadly accuracy. Crazy !
Axl Rose Walks Off StageAxl Rose Walks Off Stage
WARNING: Language - Axl Rose of Guns N Roses spots a fan in the crowd with a camera and goes after h
BB Gun Firing SquadBB Gun Firing Squad
A couple of crazy guys face a BB gun firing squad. These guys had to be in some serious pain after t
Baby Gets Stuck In A Train DoorBaby Gets Stuck In A Train Door
Luckily the mother was able to pull the baby free, and she finally got stopped when the train stoppe
Baby TerroristsBaby Terrorists
Want to see how suicide bombers are made? You have to start them young.
Back Flip Off BuildingBack Flip Off Building
If this guy keeps doing crazy stunts like this without any safety gear he is going to die or be seri
Back Yard WrestlingBack Yard Wrestling
At some point, you would almost rather your kid did drugs.
Backyard BodyslamBackyard Bodyslam
This guy gets chucked into a piece of wood.
Backyard WrestlingBackyard Wrestling
These guys are helping to keep hospital emergency rooms in business.
Bad Rally CrashBad Rally Crash
A rally crash caught on camera from inside the car.
Bad Roof JumpBad Roof Jump
This guy has seen one too many extreme walking videos. He will be paying for this bad jump in pain.
Bad Take OffBad Take Off
Think these passengers are going to worry when it's time to land?
Bald Man Trashing Convenience StoreBald Man Trashing Convenience Store
Ball Kicking ContestBall Kicking Contest
A radio station has a contest where guys get kicked in the balls by girls to see who can take the mo
Bam Margera Beats His DadBam Margera Beats His Dad
Professional skateboarder Bam Margera acting like a bit of a jerk. He beats the heck out of his dad
Barb Wire WrestlingBarb Wire Wrestling
This Japanese wrestling league is insane ! They end up stuck in some barbwire writhing in pain.
Barbed Wire ExperimentBarbed Wire Experiment
This crazy dude straps barbed wire to his ceiling fan and then jumps into it while in motion.
Barbed Wire To HeadBarbed Wire To Head
Insane video clip. Yet another person who like to hurt themselves in the craziest of ways. He wraps
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