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Stick Cricket344,770
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Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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Ouch Movies

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3000 Tazer Volunteers3000 Tazer Volunteers
Footage of people getting tazered.
35 Face Balls In 32 Seconds35 Face Balls In 32 Seconds
35 potentially serious facial injuries in only 32 seconds? Now THAT'S entertainment!
Allen Ray Eye Poked OutAllen Ray Eye Poked Out
WARNING: Extreme - Villanova guard Allen Ray was taken to the hospital after a bizarre eye injury. R
American Diver Gets OwnedAmerican Diver Gets Owned
Diver smashes her face on the end of the diving board.
Ankle TwistAnkle Twist
If you have ever twisted your ankle like I have then you know how bad this had to hurt. It actually
Back Flip AccidentBack Flip Accident
Some kid tries to do a back flip and whacks his head on the floor.
Bad Aircraft Carrier LandingBad Aircraft Carrier Landing
Video of a plane that makes a really bad landing on an aircraft carrier. This video actually shows i
Bad Bike Face PlantBad Bike Face Plant
Painful video of another missed bike trick that results in a face plant. Watch the slow motion repla
Bad Bike FallBad Bike Fall
Biker gets his ankles crushed.
Bad Police AccidentBad Police Accident
Police run over a purse snatching suspect while trying to arrest him.
Bad Rally Car WreckBad Rally Car Wreck
We see a lot of wild rally car crashes on this site but this one looks really bad. They took a prett
Bad Sled AccidentBad Sled Accident
A fun day of snow sledding turns painful in this video clip. Watch it in slow motion to see how bad
Ball Hits CameraBall Hits Camera
Short little video of a guy in a hallway kicking an orange ball around. I hope they had insurance on
Base Jump Accident VideoBase Jump Accident Video
Extreme video of a base jumping accident. The base jumper gets off the building ok and pulls his par
Baseball CollisionBaseball Collision
Two baseball players collide in a nasty head on crash in the outfield.
Baseball Hit In CrotchBaseball Hit In Crotch
Oh man. Take your base. Seriously, ouch. Take two. Hell, take three.
Baseball Players Nuts HitBaseball Players Nuts Hit
All I can say is that it is a good thing that professional baseball players wear protective cups. Th
Big Gun 4Big Gun 4
Why didn't anybody warn this guy? Is there really a person who could handle this thing?
Bike Crash Face SlideBike Crash Face Slide
A bike jump turns into a painful face slide through the dirt. This guy really had the wind knocked o
Bike Jump Crash VideoBike Jump Crash Video
WARNING: Language - Extreme video of a huge bmx bike crash. This guy attempts a super big jump from
Bike Ramp BreaksBike Ramp Breaks
A guy is trying to jump a ramp with a bike when the ramp breaks and he flips off of his bike and int
Bike Ramp WreckBike Ramp Wreck
Some guy tries to jump a ramp with a bike and crashes. He was going too slow and he did not pull up
Bikemovies Crash030Bikemovies Crash030
Sweet fancy Moses. This guy did that on purpose.
Biker Meets RailBiker Meets Rail
This guy attempts to do a ramp transfer but ends up dangling from his gut over a rail like a ragdoll
I don't know. It's kind of amazing to me that this guy just keeps trying. Hanging on like grim death
Boat Fire AccidentBoat Fire Accident
A life guard training session goes horribly wrong and the whole thing is caught on tape. The man on
Bottle BombBottle Bomb
A group of young guys try to make a homemade bomb... and succeed. I feel bad for the guy with the bo
Bottle Over The HeadBottle Over The Head
As hard-headed as these two must be, it's still pretty tough for them to break a beer bottle over th
Bounce ChairBounce Chair
A little lesson in physics for one unlucky girl.
Bowling Ball HeadBowling Ball Head
He's going to need more than glasses after this.
Boxing Referee Knocked OutBoxing Referee Knocked Out
We all know that boxing is a dangerous sport but did you know that it can be dangerous to the refere
Branding A HorseBranding A Horse
Looks like the brander got branded with a few broken ribs.
Breaking Bricks And His ArmBreaking Bricks And His Arm
A dad decides that he is going to break a couple of bricks with his arm! He breaks one brick but bre
Breaks His Arm Break DancingBreaks His Arm Break Dancing
There's a reason it's called 'break' dancing.
Bride Groom FireBride Groom Fire
Silly string + fire = bad news for a bride and groom.
Broken ArmBroken Arm
Some kids try to go down a flight of stairs in a shopping cart and one breaks his arm.
Broken Bike JumpBroken Bike Jump
Note to self. Make sure the wheels are on tight.
Bungee BreaksBungee Breaks
I'll bet you this was the last time this guy ever bungee jumped. Actually, this was probably the las
Bungee Jumper Hits GroundBungee Jumper Hits Ground
This bungee jumper hits the ground and seems to be in great pain. Then all of a sudden he gives the
Bungee Jumping in AfricaBungee Jumping in Africa
Jumping face first off a 100 foot platform with a bungee rope that might stop you. Sign me up!
Bus Crash Caught On VideoBus Crash Caught On Video
Surveillance cameras captured this video of a bad bus crash. We dont not have any details on the cra
C4 BoomarangC4 Boomarang
A cameraman gets nailed with a piece of debris after a small shed is blown up with an envelope full
Car Crash CompilationCar Crash Compilation
I know you love these!
Car JumperCar Jumper
I don't think this is real but, if it is, well... all the better.
Car Rams Store And WomanCar Rams Store And Woman
Extreme video clip! Just as a woman is walking into a store a car rams right into her and the buildi
Cars Crash On IceCars Crash On Ice
If the roads are frozen over you take a chance by going out driving. The people in this video learne
Coffee FaceCoffee Face
Note to self. Only sell iced coffee from now on.
College Dorm FightCollege Dorm Fight
WARNING: Language - Video of a short fight between two guys in a college dorm. The guy who ends up o
Cop Shoots HandCop Shoots Hand
A police officer shoots himself in the hand with a shotgun wile retreiving it from a roof.
Corvette AccidentCorvette Accident
I think you've seen this before...but it's still amazing.
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