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Stick Cricket344,770
Gold Miner317,776
Drag Racer v2253,507
Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
Top Rated
9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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WTF Movies

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Alien SightingAlien Sighting
A couple is on vacation in New York city when they get caught in the middle of an alien sighting. I
Ashlee Simpson On SNLAshlee Simpson On SNL
The original Ashlee Simpson video where the screws up on Saturday Night Live.
Now THIS is messed up.
Back And Forth PoopBack And Forth Poop
WTF is the matter with people? Seriously.
Bad Guys Gone GoodBad Guys Gone Good
All your favorite bad guys and monsters like you've never seen them before.
Barking CatBarking Cat
For some strange reason this cat can bark.
Barney 2pacBarney 2pac
Barney is really trying to shake that 'Nice Giy" image.
Beauty KillsBeauty Kills
Hey kids! Want to see what flashbacks feel like?
Beauty Kit LipoBeauty Kit Lipo
Teach them while they're young. Image is everything.
Belly FlopBelly Flop
It's Friday! Let it all hang out.
Birthday FarterBirthday Farter
A mans friends all sneak into his cubicle to give him a little birthday party. He does not know they
Brandi JuarezBrandi Juarez
This is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. You'll regret having watched it, yet you
Breakup SongBreakup Song
There are a lot of things going on here...maybe with that cheating knocked-up shrew gone, your compu
Breast Feeding ManBreast Feeding Man
Watch what happens to this dad as he holds his little baby. Guys you know it is time to go to the gy
British Troops Fierce Amphibious AttackBritish Troops Fierce Amphibious Attack
Watch this clip of the fierce British forces as they storm the beaches. Very embarrassing in deed ol
Car Drives Down Train TracksCar Drives Down Train Tracks
People are waiting for the train to pull up but instead they see a car coming down the tracks. Drivi
Car Filled With Golf BallsCar Filled With Golf Balls
A couple of guys fill their friends vehicle up with golf balls! When he opens the door and all those
Car Hits MotorcycleCar Hits Motorcycle
WARNING: Extreme - Please do not watch this if you do not want to see an extreme accident. A car tur
Cashier Gets A Brick In The FaceCashier Gets A Brick In The Face
No one even calls 911 for her..instead they steal from the store.
Cat HumpCat Hump
Can you guess what this kid's New years resolution is? Can you guess what it SHOULD be?
Cat TapeCat Tape
Oh, those whacky Japanese. What will they think of next? Torturing animals is so hilarious! I know,
Cell Phone MouthCell Phone Mouth
If I had to pick one word to describe this video it would have to be Goofy! Some guy puts his whole
Cheerleader That Keeps On CheeringCheerleader That Keeps On Cheering
Hey, what's a little paralysis when you have this much team spirit? Wouldn't it be terrible if she h
Chimps Attack PeopleChimps Attack People
Ok. Chimps aren't nearly as cute as I once thought.
Chris Tucker Pulled OverChris Tucker Pulled Over
Chris Tucker the movie star from Rush Hour was pulled over by poice for going over 100 MPH. Listen t
Couch On WheelsCouch On Wheels
A group of guys rig up a couch with a set of wheels. It works great and they seem to be having a goo
Creepy Chicken GuyCreepy Chicken Guy
FEAR The Chicken Guy!
Creepy Music VideoCreepy Music Video
This was sent in by on of our users. It scared me to the depths of my soul !
Crowded Smoking AreaCrowded Smoking Area
This office is on one of the top floors in their building so the smoking area is out on a balcony. T
Cursing Preacher - Gene ScottCursing Preacher - Gene Scott
I have seen all kinds of TV preachers in my life but I have never seen one go off like this! This pr
Dance KickDance Kick
I dont know what kind of dance they are doing... but this kid had better be careful from now on.
Death Touch Din Mak VideoDeath Touch Din Mak Video
This guy claims to not only be able to knock people out by using din mak aka the death touch but he
Dirt Dumping AccidentDirt Dumping Accident
The man is this video has a little trouble while he is trying to dump some dirt into a truck. It loo
Dizzy CatDizzy Cat
Because really. At the end of the day, what's more fun than torturing your pet, right? I think there
Doberman Dogs Are Great At TacklingDoberman Dogs Are Great At Tackling
This doberman runs right into the back of this lady and knocks her down.
Dog Gets Busy With LionDog Gets Busy With Lion
This is one brave little dog! Actually he is probably pretty stupid because a male lion could destro
Drink My CatDrink My Cat
It's not that often that I see something that just leaves me bewildered. An added bonus - it makes y
Durka Durka ManDurka Durka Man
Durka Durka man dances in his bra and panties. This will make you famous, but only on the Internet.
Fainting GoatsFainting Goats
I have never heard of anything like this before! These goats faint at almost anything.
Fake Cops Practical JokeFake Cops Practical Joke
WARNING: Language - A group of guys pose as police officers and order some other guys to get up agai
Fine Asian Girls With Low VoicesFine Asian Girls With Low Voices
A new guy in town is amazed by how good all the fine Asian girls look. But something strange happens
Fire Hacky SackFire Hacky Sack
WOW! These guys have some serious hacky sack skills! They play with a hacky sack that is on fire!
Flip Off A CopFlip Off A Cop
WARNING: LANGUAGE - What would happen if you ran up to a cop and flipped him off? Watch this video a
Flying Lawn Mower VideoFlying Lawn Mower Video
I dont know how or why they did it, but someone felt the need to make a flying lawn mower and here i
Fruit CakeFruit Cake
Shouldn't this be labeled "evidence"? Some kind of a crime had to have been committed here.
Funny Piano PlayersFunny Piano Players
These piano playing brothers play a duet on the piano without using their hands. You will not believ
Mommy. Where do guidos come from?
Girl Breaks Sticks With ButtGirl Breaks Sticks With Butt
This video shows a girl with a strong butt! She is in a talent show and her talent is breaking a bun
Girl Copies Her Naked BodyGirl Copies Her Naked Body
This chick is caught on tape running copies of her body! She pulls her shirt and bra up and makes a
Girls In The Thongs Get AttentionGirls In The Thongs Get Attention
I don't know if this video was from a TV show or what. Girls with their thongs showing walk around t
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