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Stick Cricket344,770
Gold Miner317,776
Drag Racer v2253,507
Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
Top Rated
9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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Dumb Movies

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I see I'm going to have to start telling people that Final Cut Pro does not a director make. Also, y
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Akbar 911 GtAkbar 911 Gt
Arm On FireArm On Fire
WARNING: LANGUAGE - Looks like these idiots were trying to make a movie or something because when th
Backyard Wrestling 2Backyard Wrestling 2
These guys go off the top of the house.... and pay the price for their stupidity.
Banana Man On FireBanana Man On Fire
Who knows why but some guy puts on a banana suit and sets himself on fire!
Beer Bottle To FaceBeer Bottle To Face
WARNING: Blood - The video is a little dark but you can still see this dude break a beer bottle over
Board Slide Gone BadBoard Slide Gone Bad
This idiot ends up kisses the ground.
Bodyslam From a RoofBodyslam From a Roof
ATTENTION: The dumbest video on the internet.
Bottle Will Not BreakBottle Will Not Break
WARNING: Language - Check this goofy guy out. He wants to be tough and break a beer bottle on his he
Boxing BozosBoxing Bozos
Is this how fellas fight nowadays? Because that's pathetic.
Cheese To FaceCheese To Face
Stupid video of a dude getting smacked in the face with a piece of cheese. Hey at least it was not a
Crazy Idiots CompilationCrazy Idiots Compilation
Since when did acting like a moron turn you into a badass? What would Steve McQueen say about all th
Death TouchDeath Touch
He has another one that he affectionately refers to as, "Farts of Fury" but they really couldn't put
Drinking A Flaming ShotDrinking A Flaming Shot
A bunch of college kids are partying when one guy decides to drink a flaming shot. As you might expe
Engulfed In Flames - Melon BombEngulfed In Flames - Melon Bomb
Yet another lucky person who plays with fire and makes it out! This dude gets completely engulfed in
Fart Lighting AccidentFart Lighting Accident
This dude decides to light a fart and when he does he catches his clothes on fire! What a dork!
Fire From Mouth Burns BackFire From Mouth Burns Back
Yet another video of a person allowing themselves to be seriously injured. This guy lets his friend
Fireworls Facial ExplosionFireworls Facial Explosion
This safety concious person learns a little life lesson in pain and stupidity.
Friendly PunchFriendly Punch
WARNING: LANGUAGE - I dont know why someone would ask a friend to punch them in the face... but that
Friends Jump In FightFriends Jump In Fight
WARNING: Language - Two guys fight it out in this video. At the end of the clip one of the guy's fri
Guy Breaks MonitorGuy Breaks Monitor
The idiot in this next video needs to get a job then he will understand that neither monitors or mon
Guy Drowns HimselfGuy Drowns Himself
Can anyone say "creepy"? It's hard to say which is dumber, this or the banana suit fire guy from a c
Guy Hit With A Golf BallGuy Hit With A Golf Ball
Yet another idiot who lets someone inflict serious pain on them. This guy lets his friend hit him wi
Guy In DryerGuy In Dryer
Some guy lets his friends cram him into a dryer and turn it on! I guess he wanted to get a video on
Guy Runs Into WallGuy Runs Into Wall
You want stupid videos? Well here ya go! Some guy decides it would be cool to run as fast as he can
Guy Sets Foot On FireGuy Sets Foot On Fire
This guy is really lucky that he was not seriously hurt or even killed! I have no idea what would ma
Guy Sets His Chest On FireGuy Sets His Chest On Fire
Yet another person who plays with fire and gets burned. This dude thought it would be cool to set hi
Guy Shaves Legs With FireGuy Shaves Legs With Fire
WARNING: Language - I dont know why this guy is shaving his legs but he has a funny way of doing it.
Guy Takes A Flaming DrinkGuy Takes A Flaming Drink
At a party some guy decides to light his drink on fire and down it! This dude really is lucky that h
Harry Potter VHarry Potter V
Some scened from the upcoming Harry Potter Five.
Hot To Smoke DummyHot To Smoke Dummy
Idiots. Just...idiots.
How Did This Guy Get A VideoHow Did This Guy Get A Video
Seriously, how did this guy get a video deal?
Human Paint Ball TargetHuman Paint Ball Target
A guy lets his friends shoot him point blank with tons of paint balls! Check out those bruises at th
Human Paintball TargetHuman Paintball Target
For some reason this nut volunteers to let his friend litter his body with paintballs.
I'm So DizzyI'm So Dizzy
This fool decides to go for a spin in the washing machine. What's worse is he actually paid to do th
Idiot Caught On FilmIdiot Caught On Film
This raver is so drugged up he cannot even walk.
Idiot Gets Hit by a CarIdiot Gets Hit by a Car
Evolution isn't perfect. Every once in a while someone like this guy falls through the cracks of nat
Immates Try To EscapeImmates Try To Escape
They say that criminals are dumb and this video seems to prove it. These three inmates try to escape
In A Box Down A HillIn A Box Down A Hill
Someone got a new dell computer and did not know what to do with the box so they decided that they w
Insane Dirt Biking AccidentInsane Dirt Biking Accident
This idiot flies over a jump and lands on a group of people.
Laundry Cart CrashersLaundry Cart Crashers
You don't need a whole lot of money to amuse yourself. All you need is an old laundry cart, some spr
Light Friends AssLight Friends Ass
This is so stupid. Future senators, one and all.
Lighting A Barrel On FireLighting A Barrel On Fire
A group of guys are lighting a barrel on fire. One of them gets a ball of fire right to the face. As
Mad Gamer Hits KeyboardMad Gamer Hits Keyboard
Video of yet another gamer with an attitude and anger problem. This guy not only stinks at the game
Like that scene from A Bronx Tale...only completely retarded.
Nose Picking CriminalNose Picking Criminal
A new baitcar video with a new batch of dumbass criminals.
Old Game Show BlondeOld Game Show Blonde
Video clip from an old game show. This blonde seems to think that the word urban is some kind of dis
Paint Ball InitiationPaint Ball Initiation
Some poor guy goes through an extreme initiation into some type of club or group. They shoot him wit
People Having Fun With FirePeople Having Fun With Fire
I dont know why some people enjoy setting themselves on fire, but here is a video of a couple of the
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