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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
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9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
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Super Punch Out CommercialSuper Punch Out Commercial
Is that actually Mike Tyson ?
Superbowl Commercials Ameriquest PlaneSuperbowl Commercials Ameriquest Plane
Don't judge too quickly. Even if you do catch two, old, fat people having sex on an airplane, in the
Superbowl Commercials Baby ClydesdaleSuperbowl Commercials Baby Clydesdale
Thank God this worked out the way it did because, if he couldn't have pulled that cart, the next com
Superbowl Commercials Bud Light BearSuperbowl Commercials Bud Light Bear
I thought the SBXL commercials were, on the whole, pretty disappointing...but this one was cute. Not
Superbowl Commercials Bud Light MagicSuperbowl Commercials Bud Light Magic
Another great one from Budweiser. The magic fridge.
Superbowl Commercials Bud Light OfficeSuperbowl Commercials Bud Light Office
You can always count on Budweiser for at least one good one.
Superbowl Commercials Budweiser StadiumSuperbowl Commercials Budweiser Stadium
Of course it wasn't, but how awesome would it have been if this was real?
Superbowl Commercials Disney WorldSuperbowl Commercials Disney World
You think this is fake, but it's not.
Superbowl Commercials Emeralds NutsSuperbowl Commercials Emeralds Nuts
Flogging Ugly Gorillas Last Year. Finding Unreasonalble Girls Lying in my Yard. These are easy. More
Superbowl Commercials Espn PhoneSuperbowl Commercials Espn Phone
I take back what I said about that Full Throttle commercial having the best special effects. These w
Superbowl Commercials Fedex Cave ManSuperbowl Commercials Fedex Cave Man
If the Monkey one was my favorite, this was a close second. I think I lost some beer through my nose
Superbowl Commercials Full ThrottleSuperbowl Commercials Full Throttle
As far as special effects go, this was probably the best one of them all. Plus, after watching it, I
Superbowl Commercials Godaddy GirlSuperbowl Commercials Godaddy Girl
The infamous Godaddy girl. I hear she actually works there and will call you and breathe heavilly in
Superbowl Commercials Greys AnatomySuperbowl Commercials Greys Anatomy
I watched about the first 6 minutes of this show after the game. This was the hook they used to suck
Superbowl Commercials Jessica Simpson PizzaSuperbowl Commercials Jessica Simpson Pizza
As hot as Jessica Simpson is, does anyone else out there find her completely sexless? I want to be a
Superbowl Commercials Monkey Sales PartySuperbowl Commercials Monkey Sales Party
This might have been my favorite Superbowl Commercial of them all. How can you go wrong with Monkeys
Superbowl Commercials Nationwide FabioSuperbowl Commercials Nationwide Fabio
Nationwide. One of those, Life Comes At You Fast commercials. This one freaked me out a little. I th
Superbowl Commercials New EscalladeSuperbowl Commercials New Escallade
I always thought it would be funny to have Abraham Lincoln driving down the highway in an SUV. And e
Superbowl Commercials Phone DeterrentSuperbowl Commercials Phone Deterrent
From Sprint. This was a great one. How good would it feel to actually do this to some jackass who's
Superbowl Commercials StreakerSuperbowl Commercials Streaker
After a while I started to recognize a pattern. Whenever you see horses in a commercial during the S
Superbowl Commercials Touch FootballSuperbowl Commercials Touch Football
This was a pretty good one too. I had no idea what was going to happen.
Superbowl Commercials VendettaSuperbowl Commercials Vendetta
It looks kind of like, Zorro meets The Matrix.
Superbowl Commercials WhopperettesSuperbowl Commercials Whopperettes
How do you like to eat your Whopper(ettte)?
Superbowl Commercials World BaseballSuperbowl Commercials World Baseball
This was a pretty good one for the World Baseball Classic, coming in March. I'm sure we'll see a lot
Supercade CommercialSupercade Commercial
The mini arcade for home.
Television Or SexTelevision Or Sex
This commercial starts out sexy and ends funny! A woman thinks her man is turned on when really he j
Thank God for CondomsThank God for Condoms
We can be reasonably sure that these kinds of thoughts crossed our parents minds as well.
The Asian Trix RabbitThe Asian Trix Rabbit
Do you remember those Trix cereal commercials where the silly rabbit would try to take the cereal aw
The Bad BoyfriendThe Bad Boyfriend
Someones getting dumped.
The Buckle CommercialThe Buckle Commercial
Everybody needs a buckle.
The Clinton Voodoo DollThe Clinton Voodoo Doll
Now this explains a lot.
The Death SpiderThe Death Spider
A commercial for a very unsafe childrends toy.
The End Of Rice RocketsThe End Of Rice Rockets
Another hilarious MK5 Golf commercial from VW Germany.
The Head SquisherThe Head Squisher
A very funny commercial for all to enjoy.
The Hiphop translatorThe Hiphop translator
A tool for all the tools and their parents.
The Honda Choir CommercialThe Honda Choir Commercial
A neat commercial by Honda where the choir makes the noise of the car. Just watch.
The Karate PotheadThe Karate Pothead
A very silly anti-marijuana ad.
The Man HunterThe Man Hunter
I will never trust a girl I meet in the club again.
The Most Sweaty Guy In The WorldThe Most Sweaty Guy In The World
This is one hilarious commercial. I thought some guys sweat a lot, but this guy takes the cake !
The New Escalade CommercialThe New Escalade Commercial
This is the best looking gas guzzler I've ever seen. This commercial was aired during the 2006 Super
The Nintendo RevolutionThe Nintendo Revolution
I cannot wait for this... it comes out in 2006 !
The Real Man?The Real Man?
This is why I drive a crappy car. At least I wish it was why.
The Trunk Monkey Anti-Road Rage SystemThe Trunk Monkey Anti-Road Rage System
Another innovation from the Suburban Auto Group, whoever they are.
The Trunk Monkey Anti-Theft SystemThe Trunk Monkey Anti-Theft System
The Suburban Auto Group dreams up something we all wish we had.
The Up Market ResortThe Up Market Resort
Naughty little commercial for a resort.
This Could Really HappenThis Could Really Happen
Guys, Budweiser has provided you with another lame excuse if you're ever busted cheating on your gir
This Guy Needs GlassesThis Guy Needs Glasses
Can you imagine the damage that bowling ball could do!
This TV Is Too BigThis TV Is Too Big
No wonder why we need larger televisions.
Toilet Bloo CommercialToilet Bloo Commercial
I love blue toilet water.
Tom Cruise Kills OprahTom Cruise Kills Oprah
Tom uses the darkside to take out Oprah.
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