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Stick Cricket344,770
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Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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10 Year Old Drummer10 Year Old Drummer
Check out this great drum solo. The cool is part is that the drummer is a 10 year old kid! This kid
100 Yard Football Pass100 Yard Football Pass
A very impressive throw of a football from one guy to another.
11 Second Rubix Cube Record11 Second Rubix Cube Record
This guy must be a hit with the ladies! An 11 second solve time surely brings him upto baller status
1st Person Toy Car Race1st Person Toy Car Race
Jump into the drivers seat of this mini car as it zooms around the track!
2pac Wax Sculpture2pac Wax Sculpture
Wax sculptures seem to be making a comeback these days.
3 Flip Down A Stair Set3 Flip Down A Stair Set
Flawlessly executed trick down a huge stair set.
300 Paintball Shots300 Paintball Shots
I guess this guy becomes the first human paintball art mural.
310 Foot Bike Jump310 Foot Bike Jump
Ryan Capes smashes the distance and height world record for a dirt bike jump. To make a jump this bi
3d Body Mold3d Body Mold
I tried making one of these but they didn't have enough plaster.
4 Sided Guitar Solo4 Sided Guitar Solo
This guy rocks out harder than anyone in the history of rocking.
90 Year Old Stands On One Finger90 Year Old Stands On One Finger
A 90 year old martial arts master can stand on one finger while leaning against a wall. They seem to
A10 Jets In ActionA10 Jets In Action
Nice compilation video of A-10 Jets in action. This video shows some good shots of the plane and som
ATV Back Flip Over TrainATV Back Flip Over Train
This video is awesome! This is one of the best videos I have seen in a long time! They do a great jo
Ah 64 Apache Attack HelicopterAh 64 Apache Attack Helicopter
Boy, I'll tell you what, war looks like a lot of fun doesn't it? Hey, I have an idea! We should star
Aids In AspirinAids In Aspirin
If you didn't hear about this way back, get the facts!
Aikido is a modern, non-aggressive Japanese martial art developed early in the 20th century by Morih
Alex Jones Predicts 911Alex Jones Predicts 911
This was months before 9/11 happened...pretty interesting.
All 7's Card TrickAll 7's Card Trick
Here is another video of Francis McAllister's magic. This time he does a card trick where all the ca
Amazing Singing Skeleton String PuppetAmazing Singing Skeleton String Puppet
This guy has a lot of talent. This little guy can sing and dance !
Amazing Video EditingAmazing Video Editing
This video is awesome! I had to watch it over and over to catch all the stuff they are doing. It is
American ValuesAmerican Values
Well, this about sums it up.
Animal SoccerAnimal Soccer
This is a nicely done animation of ducks and penguins playing soccer. What else can I say? This anim
Another Owned CompilationAnother Owned Compilation
All sorts of painful yet hilarious accidents to keep you entertained.
Anthea Turner Motorcycle Accident VideoAnthea Turner Motorcycle Accident Video
Anthea Turner is a television personality who was involved in an accident with a motorcycle while wo
Autistic Basketball Player ScoresAutistic Basketball Player Scores
Awesome video!!! This video is a must see. An autistic high school student is the manager for his sc
Automatic ShotgunAutomatic Shotgun
Watch this high powered shotgun take out the targets at the end of the range. This gun would do nast
Awesome 4x4 SaveAwesome 4x4 Save
Awesome video! A 4x4 is trying to climb a very steep hill when it flips over. It looks like they are
Awesome BB GunAwesome BB Gun
OK, the angel on this video could be better but you can still see the Gatling gun style BB gun at wo
Awesome Beat BoxingAwesome Beat Boxing
One of the best I've seen.
Awesome Bike StuntsAwesome Bike Stunts
A skilled biker does a few tricks for the camera.
Awesome Biking VideoAwesome Biking Video
All sorts of trails and unique bike riding in this video.
Awesome Billiards TricksAwesome Billiards Tricks
These guys probably rake it in at the bars.
Awesome Break Dancing ContestAwesome Break Dancing Contest
This is by far the most impressive break dancing video you will ever see !
Awesome Coffee ArtAwesome Coffee Art
What will they think of next? Here is a video of someone doing some coffee art. Yep, you heard right
Awesome Driving Skills VideoAwesome Driving Skills Video
There are some awesome car tricks in this video. Some of the better tricks are toward the end so don
Awesome Football CatchAwesome Football Catch
A nice one handed catch that made the highlights.
Awesome Football TackleAwesome Football Tackle
Did anyone get the license plate of that bus? This guy sure didn't!
Awesome Inline Skate VideoAwesome Inline Skate Video
WARNING: Language - Video of inline skaters grinding rails, taking jumps and doing cool tricks. Watc
Awesome Keyboard Drum PlayerAwesome Keyboard Drum Player
This is not a joke! Watch this video to the end to see that this guy really is awesome! At first I t
Awesome Martial Arts GirlAwesome Martial Arts Girl
I don't know if this girl can actually fight or not but she sure does a great job on this martial ar
Awesome Ninja Midget FightAwesome Ninja Midget Fight
I randomly found this awesome clip from a movie..enjoy !
Awesome Parkour VideoAwesome Parkour Video
Whether you call it parkour, free running or freestyle running the guys in this video do an awesome
BB Mini-GunBB Mini-Gun
Slow but steady wins the race I guess.
Balance And StrengthBalance And Strength
The man in this video has super balance and strength. He pulls off a one handed hand stand and makes
Base Jumping Wing SuitBase Jumping Wing Suit
As if base jumping were not cool enough that have invented base jumping suits that will help you sor
Bear Attack Caught on TVBear Attack Caught on TV
This video clip shows a bear attack caught on tape! A lady is a guest on a TV show when she is attac
Bear VS CougarBear VS Cougar
This female cougar will stop at nothing to keep this huge grizzly bear away from her cub.
Beating Speed CamerasBeating Speed Cameras
It's true. You actually can beat those red light cameras.
Bee KeeperBee Keeper
The incredible bee sucking machine.
Berkeley LaptopBerkeley Laptop
Remember that old audio file of the Berkeley professor who's laptop was stolen? Well here is the vid
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