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Stick Cricket344,770
Gold Miner317,776
Drag Racer v2253,507
Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
Top Rated
9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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New Trail SkatesNew Trail Skates
Has anyone seen these all terrain skates yet? They look pretty fun. The people in this video do not
New UFO SightingNew UFO Sighting
This was either taken or make in Bulgaria.
New Version Of Star Wars KidNew Version Of Star Wars Kid
You have seen the original Star Wars Kid video but this one has been edited to add some special effe
New Weight Loss ProgramNew Weight Loss Program
No diets, no bad tasting foods...just an ultra sound. Check out what people are doing to lose weight
Nice Parking JobNice Parking Job
This guy can park his car in any spot, anytime !
Nintendo Theme AcapellaNintendo Theme Acapella
If you're in to artsy fun, this video is kind of amusing.
No More ParkingNo More Parking
If we all had cars that would do this we would not have to worry about finding a parking place. It w
Nuclear Plant DestructionNuclear Plant Destruction
Nuclear Tower DestroyedNuclear Tower Destroyed
Nice little clip of a cooling tower at a nuclear power plant being imploded. I don't know why people
Nukular NuclearNukular Nuclear
It's beautiful, but I'd hate to see one in person.
Odyssey Launch CameraOdyssey Launch Camera
This video is awesome! It is from a camera that was attached to a rocket named the Odyssey. It shows
Old But YoungOld But Young
A rare disease that affects 1 in 4 million.
Olympics Of IndiaOlympics Of India
I bet more people would have watched the Olympic games in Turino if there had more events like these
Onboard A Super Kart RacerOnboard A Super Kart Racer
A super kart racer took a video camera on board during one of his races. It does not seem like they
One Armed Bass PlayerOne Armed Bass Player
This guy doesn't let one arm stop him from rocking out.
One Fast SkylineOne Fast Skyline
Skyline goes 200mph on the highway !
One Handed Rubiks 30secOne Handed Rubiks 30sec
It's always so dissapointing to find out that these guys, like, work in a comic book store or a deli
One Inch Candle PunchOne Inch Candle Punch
Bruce Lee made the one inch punch famous. The kung fu master in this video does the one inch punch t
Pig IllusionPig Illusion
This illusion is hard to describe. You think you are looking at one thing when you are really lookin
Pimp Star Rims Light UpPimp Star Rims Light Up
These Pimp Star Rims are awesome! Check it out. They light up and you can actually put pictures and
Ping Pong ParadisePing Pong Paradise
More skilled pong shots in this video. Not quite as impressive as the Epic Beer Shots video, but a n
Planetvids Video CompilationPlanetvids Video Compilation
A user submitted compilation of our videos.
Plants With EyesPlants With Eyes
This video is fake but it looks so real that we had to post it. These scary looking plants have eyes
Play Station 3 DemoPlay Station 3 Demo
Demo video of the Play Station 3. It shows just how great the graphics and movement in the games are
Poker Chip ShufflingPoker Chip Shuffling
There is no doubt that shuffling poker chips like this takes hours and hours of practice. This guy w
Police Shoot Out VideoPolice Shoot Out Video
Extreme video of a police chase and shoot out with criminals. Actually the police do not get a chanc
Germany can come up with the Gestapo, the Third Reich, and the Final Solution, but their policemen d
I take back what I said about the Volvos. They picked that kid up BY HIS CUFFED WRISTS. Also, the la
Powerful VW BeetlePowerful VW Beetle
The VW Beetle in this video has been super charged! He takes off so fast that you think he might sta
Powers Of Ten VideoPowers Of Ten Video
To infinity and beyond!
Pro Lifers Police BrutalityPro Lifers Police Brutality
People claim that the cops used excessive force at an anti-abortion rally.
Proof Of GodProof Of God
Kirk Cameron the actor from the old show Growing Pains and one of his friends talking about how the
Quake Arena Style Roman Candle WarQuake Arena Style Roman Candle War
A few kids demonstrate how to have dangerous fun with roman candles. A few sound effects from the ga
Queen Christmas Lights VideoQueen Christmas Lights Video
Another awesome Christmas lights display going to a song by Queen.
Quick Change ArtistsQuick Change Artists
I have heard of quick change artists before but never really saw any of them in action before this v
The Guiness Book of World Records created a new catergory: World's Biggest Redneck.
Rahzell Beat BoxingRahzell Beat Boxing
Famous beat boxer Rahzell doing his thing. When this guy beat boxes it sounds just like the beats ar
Real Remote Controlled CarReal Remote Controlled Car
A television show turned a real car into a remote controlled car and had a man ride inside it. It wo
Remote Control BirdRemote Control Bird
Have you ever seen a remote control bird before? Well this video shows one and it is awesome. When i
Rescue From WellRescue From Well
Footage of a guy being rescued after he fell into an open well.
Riding An Indoor WaveRiding An Indoor Wave
This looks like so much fun.
Robotic Arm ManRobotic Arm Man
Think you could beat this guy in an arm wrestle?
Rocket Bicycle 150 MPH Top SpeedRocket Bicycle 150 MPH Top Speed
Usually bicycles can only go as fast as you pedal them. Why not strap on a jet fuel rocket and you c
Rocket Launcher Kicks Iraqi SoldierRocket Launcher Kicks Iraqi Soldier
WARNING: Language - This Iraq war video shows an Iraqi soldier in training to use a rocket launcher.
Running Machine Polar Bear AnimationRunning Machine Polar Bear Animation
Nicely done animation of a polar bear who has a bit of a problem figuring out how to use a treadmill
Sand Art DrawingSand Art Drawing
Sand art video where an artist draws on a lighted screen using sand. I like this kind of art better
Satanic Levitation MagicSatanic Levitation Magic
I wonder how this was pulled off...smoke and mirrors most likely. These camera trick magicians are b
Saved By His DogSaved By His Dog
This lucky mans new puppy somehow managed to go for help and eventually saved his life.
Scott Stapp Drunk Poker DumbassScott Stapp Drunk Poker Dumbass
Creed's Scott Stapp, drunk and playing poker in a documentary called, Behind The Douchebag.
Scratching Your FerrariScratching Your Ferrari
3 awesome cars get nearly stuck in a Paris parking garage..will they get out without scratching the
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