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Stick Cricket344,770
Gold Miner317,776
Drag Racer v2253,507
Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
Top Rated
9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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Seventies Sex-Ed VideoSeventies Sex-Ed Video
Guess what? Masturbation is OK! But don't take our word for it, let the creepiest sex-ed video ever
Sexy Lightsaber BattleSexy Lightsaber Battle
Awesome video done by college students....or alternatively, "Awesome lightsaber video done by 2 frik
Shark Attacks A SealShark Attacks A Seal
One big gulp and the seal is down for the count. Little does the shark know he will get revenge on h
Shaun White SnowboardShaun White Snowboard
Snowboarding video of Shaun White and his friends. Not only can he snowboard but he can skateboard a
Sidewalk Skeleton DanceSidewalk Skeleton Dance
Video of a street performer with a skeleton puppet. This guy can really handle the puppet well. He i
Siskel And EbertSiskel And Ebert
I wonder if he would have been nicer to him if he knew he was going to die. Probably not, the jerk.
Skateboarding DogSkateboarding Dog
This dog is good! I have seen dogs who would kind of stand on a board and let you push them but this
Skater CompilationSkater Compilation
Yet another skater compilation video with a little shot of some crazy homeless guy in the beginning.
Skater Jumps BarSkater Jumps Bar
A short but very sweet skateboarding video. The skater in this video jumps over a bar, lands back on
Skier BackflipSkier Backflip
A snow skier goes for a backflip off a ramp.
Skim Champion Angle 1Skim Champion Angle 1
Sadly this is his only talent.
Sky FightingSky Fighting
Sweet video of a couple guys fighting while skydiving.
Slam Dunk ContestSlam Dunk Contest
A compilation from a slam dunk contest in 2003. This video is awesome !
Slamball VideoSlamball Video
There is a new extreme sport called SlamBall. It is an extreme version of basketball with trampoline
Sledding Behind A CarSledding Behind A Car
A fun and dangerous way to enjoy the snow. These guys bail bigtime!
Slow Motion ImpactSlow Motion Impact
A slow motion impact of a water balloon hitting this guy in the face.
Slow Motion Motorcycle CrashesSlow Motion Motorcycle Crashes
Slow motion motorcycle crash footage.
Smart Car Crash TestSmart Car Crash Test
These little cars hold up pretty good considering their size.
Snow Man ExplosionSnow Man Explosion
How many times have you thought to yourself, after building a snowman, "Wouldn't it be great if we h
Soccer Goalie Uses Super GlueSoccer Goalie Uses Super Glue
This is a clever video. A soccer goalie comes up with an idea to help him stop more balls. I do not
Soccer Playing ElephantSoccer Playing Elephant
I wouldn't want to play soccer against this guy.
Solar Powered PlaneSolar Powered Plane
NASA created this solar powered plane for testing purposes. This video was the test flight. Solar po
Something V ViperSomething V Viper
Proof once again that if they really had to, Japan could kick our asses.
Sony Bouncing BallsSony Bouncing Balls
They say that Sony released 300,000 bouncing balls into the streets of San Fransisco to shoot this c
Special ChatSpecial Chat
I wouldn't like to experience this myself.
Spray Paint ArtistSpray Paint Artist
Finally, a 17 year old who puts spray paint to good use.
Star Wars Kid In 15 YearsStar Wars Kid In 15 Years
I've seen into the future, and it scares me !
State Of The Art Car Anti-Theft SystemState Of The Art Car Anti-Theft System
For the low cost of $240.00 you can have one of these effective car anti-theft systems today. See vi
Stick FightingStick Fighting
Two sticks are better than one.
Stickman ApocolypseStickman Apocolypse
Grade 2 drawing skills taken to the next level.
Stop Drinking And DrivingStop Drinking And Driving
This video really makes you think about drinking and driving. If you drink and drive now is the time
Stopping ThermiteStopping Thermite
Can you take something so hot and cool it off with something extremely cold ? Check this video to fi
Story Of My LifeStory Of My Life
Like they say... what doesn't kill you.. makes you weaker and weaker until it eventually wears you d
Street Fight Video Part 1Street Fight Video Part 1
If you like to watch a good fight then you will love this two part fight video. Two ex friends fight
Street Fight Video Part 2Street Fight Video Part 2
This is second part of the street fighting video. As far as street fights go this was a good clean f
Stunt SantaStunt Santa
Looks liks Santa has been laying off the milk and cookies and hittig the gym. And the pipe.
Subliminal Message Ice CreamSubliminal Message Ice Cream
I have always heard that some companies use subliminal messages in their advertising. This video sho
Super Granny VS Purse SnatchersSuper Granny VS Purse Snatchers
Look out world here comes Super Granny! A couple of purse snatchers get more than they bargained for
Superb Pool SkillsSuperb Pool Skills
Check out the shots this guy can setup. It's almost like playing dominos.
Surprise WinnerSurprise Winner
I don't know what the game is that they are playing but I think you will be surprised by the outcome
Talking Dog Says I Love YouTalking Dog Says I Love You
The cute little dog in this video has a secret. He can say I Love You! I have seen talking dogs like
Tank Gets OwnedTank Gets Owned
What a great explosion.
The Beer BotThe Beer Bot
A group of college students made an automated beer bot for a class project. From the looks of things
The Bull TaserThe Bull Taser
We have all seen videos of people getting shot with tasers. Here is one of a bull getting shot with
The C WalkThe C Walk
I wish I was black. Seriously. I say that all the time and I really mean it.
The Dive Bombing BirdThe Dive Bombing Bird
A very brave bird attacks this cat several times while lounging on the porch.
The Eskimo LifeThe Eskimo Life
A nice little video about the healthy lifestyle of the native eskimo. Don't miss the ending!
The Exploding SnowmanThe Exploding Snowman
This is dynomiiiite.
The Lies Of The Bush AdministrationThe Lies Of The Bush Administration
A great little video put together by the fine folks at www.hategun.com
The Office Line BackerThe Office Line Backer
This is awesome! If people screw up around the office this guy pounds them! I would hate to work the
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