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Stick Cricket344,770
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N Game211,708
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Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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Scary Movies

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Is he saying, "do squats, California"? I can't wait til Arnold Schwarzennegger is President. I'm not
Balloon Man DancingBalloon Man Dancing
Alright man. Quit it. You're freaking me out.
Barbie BoyBarbie Boy
What do you think the chances are that this guy will get many dates after this has been shown all ov
Base Jump Close CallBase Jump Close Call
Base jumping looks dangerous. It looks even more dangerous when you slam into a fellow jumper just a
Bikini Machine GunsBikini Machine Guns
Just because it's Friday, here's a clip of a woman in a bikini. WITH A MACHINE GUN!
Card Tricks With The KingCard Tricks With The King
Great, now that creepy King is going to take all your money at cards too.
Class Room StreakerClass Room Streaker
Some kids bring guns to school, others take out their frustrations in different ways. Personally, I'
Comcast Dating On DemandComcast Dating On Demand
This guy must be beating them off with a stick, or at least beating something off. I can't tell.
When these pilots say to fasten your seatbelts, they really mean it.
Dance Floor CollapsesDance Floor Collapses
A real life exorcism caught on film!! Wait. Is there such a thing as a real life exorcism? Serioulsy
Ghetto ButtGhetto Butt
Do you remember the scenes from Jurassic Park, where the huge brontosaurus creatures were lumbering
Ghost Caught On FilmGhost Caught On Film
Something to scare ya during Halloween.
Girl CemetaryGirl Cemetary
Freaky video of a ghost in a cemetary.
Girl Watches Flash ScreamerGirl Watches Flash Screamer
We have probably all been scared by one of those flash screamers at one time or another. This video
Halo Crazy KidHalo Crazy Kid
This kid really needs to get a life.
Hazing RitualsHazing Rituals
Brokeback Fraternity.
Helicopter Crash MountainHelicopter Crash Mountain
A helicopter crashes on a mountain top, shortly after picking up a load of passengers.
Invade NextInvade Next
Where should we invade next?! Are you kidding me? Is this for real? Are people really this stupid? W
Is This A Ghost ?Is This A Ghost ?
This women claims this video is proof of ghosts...I'll let you decide.
Kids Throw A GrenadeKids Throw A Grenade
Horrific video of kids throwing a grenade at vehicles passing by on the road. It does not look like
Little Mikey Gutter MouthLittle Mikey Gutter Mouth
Meet the future Senator from the great state of Texas.
Living Room GhostLiving Room Ghost
Real or fake ? You guys decide.
Luis GuzmanLuis Guzman
Luis Guzman... is kind of an a-hole.
Mad Dog AgainMad Dog Again
Cujo? Is that you?
Madrid Train Bombs ExplodinMadrid Train Bombs Explodin
Actual footage of the Madrid train bombs exploding.
Man Gets Scared By WebsiteMan Gets Scared By Website
Have you seen those flash movies that make you stare hard at the screen then they pop up an ugly fac
Mean Dad Scares KidMean Dad Scares Kid
We have all seen videos of people getting scared by flash screamers. The dad in this video should re
Mirko Cro Cop FilipovicMirko Cro Cop Filipovic
Ahh, he doesn't look so tough. I could totally kick his.. I'm kidding. I'm sorry. Please don't hurt
Moose Stuck In CarMoose Stuck In Car
And you thought bugs on your windshield was bad.
Motorcycle StuntsMotorcycle Stunts
Quitters never win and winners never quit. Meet two guys who never win OR quit. They're called, imbi
Nazi Olsen Twins On FoxNazi Olsen Twins On Fox
More about the Nazi Olsen Twins.. Even though this is such an old story.
Nazi Twins Prussian BlueNazi Twins Prussian Blue
The Nazi Olsen Twins
Orleans 64 Year Old Beatd01Orleans 64 Year Old Beatd01
Police beat the crap out of some old man in New Orleans.
Orleans 64 Year Old BeatdowOrleans 64 Year Old Beatdow
Police beating up that old man again. Another clip of the same thing but just the raw footage.
Panda AttackPanda Attack
Still think Panda bears are cute and adorable? I think they'd eat you if they got the chance.
Panty SnifferPanty Sniffer
This is really disturbing. Not because of the freak dancing around in women's underwear, but.. well.
Plant TechnoPlant Techno
If you happen to be on acid, don't watch this. Trust me.
Please DiePlease Die
Man. Listen to me. You are white. Do you understand? Ok? Stop it. Please. I'm begging you.
Polar Bear AttackPolar Bear Attack
This is what happens when you get too close to a polar bear. They look cute and cuddly, until they t
Reporter Gets BombedReporter Gets Bombed
An F-16 drops a bomb on the wrong target in Iraq.
Robot BodybuilderRobot Bodybuilder
You know, there are those who say bodybuilding is a little bit gay. That's not true. Lifting weights
Russian Army HazingRussian Army Hazing
Here's another reason why it would really suck to be Russian.
Scare Tactics RatScare Tactics Rat
The show Scare Tactics really scares a guy half to death in this video clip. He looked so scared I t
Scared People Home MoviesScared People Home Movies
A great collection of home video clips of people getting scared out of their pants. This is a great
Scary Demon Girl VideoScary Demon Girl Video
This video is pretty creepy! A spooky looking girl smiles at the camera then out of the blue she mor
Scary Pitbull AttackScary Pitbull Attack
Luckily the kid gets away without too many injuries.
Self SmarterSelf Smarter
He seems like a nice enough guy. A nice enough guy who would also eat your liver.
Skier Falls Into CrevasseSkier Falls Into Crevasse
Talk about scary. This guy would have died for sure.
The most interesting thing about this video is learing that there really are people out there who us
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