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Sky Dive Crash LandingSky Dive Crash Landing
The stunts he did during the landing were the most impressive of all.
Sky Diving Accident Stuck On TailSky Diving Accident Stuck On Tail
A sky diver gets sucked out of an airplane and his parachute is tangeled around the plane's tail fin
Skydiver Almost Hit By PlaneSkydiver Almost Hit By Plane
WARNING: Language - This video is truly amazing. A skydiver is almost hit by a plane while he is on
Skydiver Hits Man On GroundSkydiver Hits Man On Ground
A guy is just standing around as a skydiver comes in for a landing and smashes into him. I bet he wi
Skydiving With No ParachuteSkydiving With No Parachute
Skydiving is dangerous enough if you do it the normal way but the man in this video takes it to extr
Sledding Wipe OutSledding Wipe Out
Check this kid out as he sled's down the hill and ends up doing a back flip.
Slip N SlideSlip N Slide
This is why your mother told you to look both ways before you crossed the street.
Snow Bike Jump CrashSnow Bike Jump Crash
This guy decides to jump a hill in the snow. The only catch is that he is riding a bike. He seems to
Snow Board Face PlantSnow Board Face Plant
Short video of a snowboard jump that turns into a face plant. Even though she landed in snow this pr
Snowboard Hits Camera ManSnowboard Hits Camera Man
Wild snowboarding video. They show a couple of jumps then things go wrong and the camera man gets hi
Snowboarder Crashes Into CameramanSnowboarder Crashes Into Cameraman
Is it just a coincidence that this event is sponsored by Jim Beam?
Snowmobile AccidentSnowmobile Accident
This guy ends up bowling a few human bodies while he crashes.
Snowmobile Crash LandingSnowmobile Crash Landing
This poor extreme sport enthusiast is on his way to the hospital.
Snowmobile Crashes Into FansSnowmobile Crashes Into Fans
During a snowmobile race one guy loses control and crashes into the fans that are watching the race.
Snowmobile Drag RaceSnowmobile Drag Race
The one critical thing you need when driving a snowmobile? That's right. Snow.
Snowmobile Head CrashSnowmobile Head Crash
This guy doesn't even know whats about to happen to him..poor guy.
Snowmobile Jumps Road And MissesSnowmobile Jumps Road And Misses
This looks painful. A guy tries to jump a road with his snowmobile and gets slammed by the back of i
Snowmobile Race CrashSnowmobile Race Crash
I can see a couple people who need to go out and buy a lottery ticket after this one. Talk about nea
Soccer Goalie Misses EasySoccer Goalie Misses Easy
He's going to have a hard time explaining this one.
Soda Bottle ExplosionSoda Bottle Explosion
Yet another 2 liter soda bottle blow up video gone wrong.
Soldier FaintsSoldier Faints
A soldier is standing in formation when he faints for some reason. The person behind him gives him a
Sprint And Midget Car CompilationSprint And Midget Car Compilation
Video compilation of crashes from sprint and midget car races. There is some serious car crash actio
Stage Dive Goes WrongStage Dive Goes Wrong
Remember kids, when stage diving, always make sure someone is there to catch you.
Streaker Farts On Live TV NewsStreaker Farts On Live TV News
A reporter is doing a live news broadcast when a streaker runs by and farts real loud!
Street Bike CrashStreet Bike Crash
This looked like it hurt terribly! I hope this guy is alright.
Struck By LightningStruck By Lightning
These people luckily caught on film their car being struck by lightning while driving down the highw
Student Falls Through CeilingStudent Falls Through Ceiling
Some student climbs up into the ceiling of a class room and then he falls down through the ceiling t
Stunt Car Crash CompilationStunt Car Crash Compilation
These guys are nuts. They drive small cars at high speeds and enjoy a good crash or two.
Tech TV BlooperTech TV Blooper
This old man is saying how the device he is holding is a one of a kind when he has a little accident
Terribly Bad Soccer KickTerribly Bad Soccer Kick
The guy didn't even come close to the ball. I hope that other guy is able to walk again!
Test of CharacterTest of Character
If this is for real, they're lucky they didn't kill the poor driver. NSW (not safe for work).
They Call Me BruceThey Call Me Bruce
They call him Bruce. But not THAT bruce.
Tire Breaks Car WindowTire Breaks Car Window
All you can say about this car is that it was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A tire comes off
Tires Rally CrashTires Rally Crash
Any more than 4 tires on a rally car only leads to trouble.
Tony Danza Gokart CrashTony Danza Gokart Crash
Tony Danza ends upside down after he rolls his gokart during a race.
Torpedo JamTorpedo Jam
This torpedo launch goes very wrong. uh, clear the deck.
Towing A Boat By HelicopterTowing A Boat By Helicopter
Note to self. Don't use helicopter to tow boat. This is an old one but it's a classic.
Toyota Sports BloopersToyota Sports Bloopers
A really funny Toyota commercial with lots of sports bloopers and accidents.
Tractor Pull CrashTractor Pull Crash
At a tractor pull competition one of the tractors cannot stop and crashes through the wall at the en
Tractor Pull Goes WrongTractor Pull Goes Wrong
Note to self: get a bigger arena for the tracor pull. That, or get smaller tractors.
Train Hits CarTrain Hits Car
Like trying to stop a train. Now I get it.
Trampoline Off The HouseTrampoline Off The House
Dude jumps off the house on to the trampoline and bounces away.
Tricky Truck Flips OverTricky Truck Flips Over
This cool looking truck is showing off it's hydraulics when it bounces a little too high and flips o
Truck Crashes Through DoorTruck Crashes Through Door
No drive-through?! Whadda you mean there's no drive-through?
Truck Flips Down HillTruck Flips Down Hill
A truck that is trying to drive up a steep rocky hill when it flips over and rolls down the hill. I
Truck Hits Cop CarTruck Hits Cop Car
More police officers die each year in car related accidents than by gun shot. This video is an examp
Truck Hits TreeTruck Hits Tree
WARNING: Language - A group of guys have a big weekend all planned out when they decide to do a litt
Tunnel CrashesTunnel Crashes
This is NOT the tunnel of love.
Turino Ski JumpTurino Ski Jump
Did he medal? I think he medaled. What comes after bronze? Plastic?
Two Bikes CollideTwo Bikes Collide
Luckily no one got seriously hurt, so laugh away !
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