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Stick Cricket344,770
Gold Miner317,776
Drag Racer v2253,507
Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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Whoops Movies

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2 Rally Crashes2 Rally Crashes
Two back to back rally crashes.
2 Story Fall2 Story Fall
This skater just falls short of the railing and ends up paying the price.
3..2..1 KABOOM!3..2..1 KABOOM!
Watch NASA lose a buttload of money in less than 30 seconds.
Accident Clip CompilationAccident Clip Compilation
Compilation of all kinds of accidents. Some of these look like they caused some serious injury. This
Airport On BeachAirport On Beach
Video of an airport that is built right behind a beach! The plane comes so close to the beach that h
Al Roker Blow JobAl Roker Blow Job
Al Roker gets blown on live television.
Almost Hit By A BusAlmost Hit By A Bus
This kid is really lucky.
Ambulance AccidentAmbulance Accident
Well, at least they won't have to go far for help.
Armed Robbery Gone WrongArmed Robbery Gone Wrong
Caution, this video may disturb some viewers. We don't just mean the Nickelback song in the backgrou
Army Helicopter CrashArmy Helicopter Crash
Very clear and up close footage of an army helicopter crash. It seems like everyone could have made
Ashlee Simpson BooedAshlee Simpson Booed
This happened right after the famous Saturday Night Live lip syncing incident. Ashlee Simpson gets b
Awesome Snowboarding JumpAwesome Snowboarding Jump
Not bad. Just a backflip though, plus he an SUV positioned to break his fall if it went bad.
B 52 Model CrashB 52 Model Crash
Some guy built a working scale model of a B-52 Bomber, complete with working jet engines. He must be
BMX Hill JumpBMX Hill Jump
Not the greatest of ideas...what a fall though !
Back Bush Truck CrashBack Bush Truck Crash
These guys just ruined their weekend.
Back Flip Hits HeadBack Flip Hits Head
A kid tries to do a back flip off of some type of power box. He does make it all the way around but
Backflip Ski JumpBackflip Ski Jump
He fails miserably.
Bad Airplane LandingBad Airplane Landing
This pilot must be drunk.
Bad BurnoutBad Burnout
When good burnouts go bad.
Bad Drag Race CrashBad Drag Race Crash
One of the most horrific drag racing crshes ever seen.
Bad Helicopter CrashBad Helicopter Crash
If you look really close, you can see the "Rookie Driver" sticker on the back of the chopper. WTF?
Bailing from a Bike JumpBailing from a Bike Jump
This guy was probably so excited about getting some big air. Bet he regrets thats.
Banana Suit FireBanana Suit Fire
Wow, this isn't predictable. Yet another moron manages to evade natural selection.
Bank Robber CrashBank Robber Crash
This bank robber ALMOST makes a clean getaway on a motorcycle. You will not believe what happens at
Barely Escaping DeathBarely Escaping Death
Lance Burton makes a narrow escape from a roller coaster.
Base Jump Gone WrongBase Jump Gone Wrong
This guy has a camera on him when he attempts a base jump. Something goes wrong and he gets hung up.
Base Jumper Pole CrashBase Jumper Pole Crash
Well, it started off good. He just had a little trouble with the landing. Or lack there of.
Basketball to the HeadBasketball to the Head
When you screw around on the court you'd better believe this is what you get.
Bathtub Head StandBathtub Head Stand
Training for the Olympics. The Special Olympics.
Beard Catches FireBeard Catches Fire
An Arabic looking man is trying to do the old spit fire trick and he catches his beard on fire. The
Beard On FireBeard On Fire
Just imagine what this smells like.
Bicycle FallBicycle Fall
Remember kids. Always tighten your nuts.
Bike Accident At Gas StationBike Accident At Gas Station
Caught by the gas station security camera, this biker goes for the ride of his life !
Bike Accident InjuryBike Accident Injury
WARNING: Language - A guy tries to jump a gap in a wall on his bike and he lands on his face. There
Bike Accidents CompilationBike Accidents Compilation
Here are a few good reasons timid people should not ride a crotch rocket.
Bike CliffBike Cliff
Watch that first step. It's a doozy.
Bike Fails Gap JumpBike Fails Gap Jump
Failed bike jump and crash video. Some guy tries to jump a gap on his bike and can not stick the lan
Bike Jumps Then FlipsBike Jumps Then Flips
This guy does a couple of nice jumps on his bike. Then I guess he gets over confident or something b
Bike Race Pile UpBike Race Pile Up
One of the riders in a bike race looks at the camera and loses control. Once he falls down other bik
Bike Racer Meets Camera ManBike Racer Meets Camera Man
It looks like this camera man got a little too close to the race action. I am surprised that people
Bike Ramp CrashBike Ramp Crash
Video clip of a bike jump gone wrong. The jump actually looks pretty good but he loses it as he land
Bike Rider Face PlantBike Rider Face Plant
A lady is riding along on a bike when she accidentaly sticks her foot in the spokes and flips over l
Bike Rider On FireBike Rider On Fire
WARNING: Language - Here is another person who thinks it is fun to risk their life playing with fire
Bike Trick AccidentBike Trick Accident
A guy tries to pull a trick on his bike and fails big time! Check out the end of the video to see ho
Biker Fails A JumpBiker Fails A Jump
He doesn't quite make his leap of faith and ends up splattered on the hill side.
Bird Hit During Baseball GameBird Hit During Baseball Game
This bird is not having a good day.
Blown AwayBlown Away
It's just like they taught you in little league. When shooting at stuff, use both hands. Err.. wait.
Boat Taken Out By Huge WaveBoat Taken Out By Huge Wave
Dramatic video of a huge wave taking out a boat on the open sea! The clip gets pretty intense and th
Brand New BikeBrand New Bike
How long does it take to destroy a new bike? Watch this guy go for a test drive on his buddies brand
Break Dance StageBreak Dance Stage
A breakdancer falls off the stage while doing some spins.
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