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Stick Cricket344,770
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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
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Break Dancing AccidentBreak Dancing Accident
The break dancer in this video is pretty good. The only problem is he gets too close to the edge and
Bruce Allen Drag CrashBruce Allen Drag Crash
This race quickly turns into a massive car crash. I hope everyone was alright!
Bungee Breaks Over BridgeBungee Breaks Over Bridge
Note to self. Never, ever bungee jump.
Bungee Jump AccidentBungee Jump Accident
This girl definatly is short on her luck these days.
C4 Injures Camera ManC4 Injures Camera Man
Some people blow up a little wooden cabinet with some C4 and a piece of the wood hits the camera man
Car Corner FlipCar Corner Flip
A car tries to take a very sharp corner and flips over. View from inside.
Car Crash OlympicsCar Crash Olympics
1,2,3,4..no make that 7 rolls before this poor sucker is back on the ground.
Car Hits AmbulanceCar Hits Ambulance
An ambulance is picking up injured people after a car crash when another car comes driving down the
Car Is Too PowerfulCar Is Too Powerful
It looks like this car has too much power! As they are gunning the engine it cannot take any more an
Cart Crash KidsCart Crash Kids
Kids in a cart attempt a foolish stunt which goes painfully wrong.
Casino Cheat BustedCasino Cheat Busted
Video that shows one way to cheat in casinos. It also shows how they will take you down if you get c
Chair YankChair Yank
This guy really knows how to sweep a girl off her feet.
Champagne AccidentChampagne Accident
The bride and groom at this wedding look so happy until there is a little accident with the champagn
Chinese Rockets CrashChinese Rockets Crash
A couple of videos of Chinese rockets having problems. I believe the last one that went off course l
Chinook Carrier CrashChinook Carrier Crash
Chopper Engine DiesChopper Engine Dies
WARNING: Language - In this video a helicopter takes off then about 30 seconds later the engine dies
Chopper Engine StallChopper Engine Stall
Note to self: When flying a helicopter, make sure to have a full tank of gas.
Christmas Pole Accident VideoChristmas Pole Accident Video
A group of men are trying to raise a Christmas Pole when it breaks and almost takes them out! They a
Chubby DDR MasterChubby DDR Master
Great use of the thunder thigh technique.
Circus Ski Jump CrashCircus Ski Jump Crash
An accident from a circus show is caught on tape. One of the guys that tries to jump a ski ramp mess
Close Call Balcony FallClose Call Balcony Fall
This woman is one very lucky lady !
Close Call Plane LandingClose Call Plane Landing
A cameraman is standing way way too close to the runway as a plane lands just feet from his head.
Closeline BikeCloseline Bike
Some guy gets close lined while riding his bike.
Cnn So Poor So Black AgainCnn So Poor So Black Again
Just in case you missed it the first time. WAAAA HAHAHAHAH!
Cocky RacerCocky Racer
if you listen closely to the audio you can hear him yelling, "Timmmayyyyy!" (South Park) just before
Cop Forgets Parking BreakCop Forgets Parking Break
How are you going to explain this one to the guys back at the station?
Cop Shoots Himself in the FootCop Shoots Himself in the Foot
This poor dude. Not only does he shoot himself in the foot and look like an idiot but he's probably
Corvette Gets OwnedCorvette Gets Owned
A high speed chase ends in glorious destruction.
Corvette Tree CrashCorvette Tree Crash
Some guy tries to race his new Corvette down a narrow, country road and... well. You an just guess w
Counting SheepCounting Sheep
How often does this happen when counting sheep? This sheep rams the wall and sees stars.
Crane Falls off BridgeCrane Falls off Bridge
Technology and human genius at it's finest.
Crashed Racers FightCrashed Racers Fight
A couple of cars crash during a race. Once the drivers are able to get out of their cars they go aft
Cutting Down A Tall TreeCutting Down A Tall Tree
A lumberjack is trying to cut the top out of a very tall tree when he runs into a little problem. It
Dad Saves A KiteDad Saves A Kite
The man in this video is a super dad! He goes up into a tree to save his sons kite. He climbs the tr
Darwin Award WinnerDarwin Award Winner
Some guy gets run over by his own car while performing stunts at a car show.
Dennis Rodman On Fear FactorDennis Rodman On Fear Factor
When Dennis Rodman was on Fear Factor he rammed into a rock wall while swinging high above the groun
Did This Pastor Just Say ThatDid This Pastor Just Say That
This pastor accidently says tits while giving a sermon.
Dirt Bike Climbing AccidentDirt Bike Climbing Accident
Extreme video of a dirt bike rider in a rock climbing competition. He does great until he gets to th
Dirt Bike CrashDirt Bike Crash
A dirt bike crashes into a crowd of spectators.
Dirt Bike Tree CrashDirt Bike Tree Crash
A dirt bike accident is caught on tape. The rider is taking the jump pretty well but he has a bit of
Dis Armed RobberyDis Armed Robbery
Not to self. When preparing to rob a convenience store, always check to make sure your hands are dry
Diver Flops Big TimeDiver Flops Big Time
This diver starts out good. He does some flips and twists. Then something goes wrong and he flops bi
Diving Board SlipDiving Board Slip
This chubby guy should learn not to jump so high on the diving board. :)
Dog Falls For DecoyDog Falls For Decoy
A cute little puppy is trying to get a closer view of a duck decoy when he slips and falls into the
Double Parachute MalfunctionDouble Parachute Malfunction
WARNING: Language - The guy in this video is lucky to be alive today! He had not one but two parachu
Drag Race Crash VideoDrag Race Crash Video
During a drag race one of the cars has a terrible crash and the whole thing is caught on tape. The a
Dress Rip OffDress Rip Off
What a rip off.
Drifting AccidentDrifting Accident
While the legitimacy of Drifting as a sport remains subjective, the dangers of it are very clear.
Drifting CrashDrifting Crash
All that money spent on your car and you go and do this to it. I hope this guy has insurance !
Drinking And Driving AdDrinking And Driving Ad
Drinking makes everything better. Except driving.
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