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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
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9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
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Insane Rollerblading JumpInsane Rollerblading Jump
Does it get much better than jumping two flight of stairs without a helmet on roller blades?
Intersection Truck Slams CarIntersection Truck Slams Car
A pickup truck runs from the police and gets completely annihilated by an 18-wheeler at an intersect
Interview Falls ApartInterview Falls Apart
This reporters interview really falls apart in a bad way. Just when you think it cant get any worse
Itchy BraItchy Bra
One way to spice up the morning video conference.
Jack Russel FlipsJack Russel Flips
Video of a Jack Russel racing dog who does not quite make it over a hurdle. He flips over a couple o
Jamie Thomas Owns A PedestrianJamie Thomas Owns A Pedestrian
He screws up on the rail which causes the board to take a chunk out of some poor guys shin.
Jockey Over The TopJockey Over The Top
Yeah, that's going to leave a mark. And possibly some grass stains.
Jump From TreeJump From Tree
Note to self. Don't expect the pine tree to provide much support the next time you jump off a roof.
Jumping Between Buildings FallsJumping Between Buildings Falls
A guy tries to jump between two buildings and comes up short.
Karaoke Girls FallKaraoke Girls Fall
Video clip of a group of girls singing karaoke. A couple of them get too excited and have a little a
Karaoke Girls Fall Off StageKaraoke Girls Fall Off Stage
I don't think this was part of the act, but it made it a lot funnier.
Kid Caught On Ski LiftKid Caught On Ski Lift
Video of a ski lift accident caught on tape. A young kid get stuck on the lift and hangs there for a
Kid Misses Swimming PoolKid Misses Swimming Pool
A kid gets a big running start and jumps into the pool, well almost anyway. Looks like he jumped jus
Killer Remote Control HelicopterKiller Remote Control Helicopter
How to turn a helicopter into a lawn mower in 10 seconds.
Light Falls On ReporterLight Falls On Reporter
A lady news anchor is in the middle of a live broadcast when one of the set lights falls down and hi
Light Pole AccidentLight Pole Accident
A man is hanging from a light pole by a rope for some kind of training. He accidentally cuts the wro
Little Dog Under Car WheelLittle Dog Under Car Wheel
The little dog in this video clip does not want his master to leave so he decides to run under the t
Lucky Cat Falls 80 Feet And LivesLucky Cat Falls 80 Feet And Lives
If cat's really do have 9 lives then this cat just used up 1 of his! He falls about 80 feet to the g
Lunch Tray WipeoutLunch Tray Wipeout
Some poor guy falls down a short flight of steps while carrying his lunch.
Man Falls Down An EscalatorMan Falls Down An Escalator
My shoe!
Man Falls Down EscalatorMan Falls Down Escalator
I think this guy might have actually gotten hurt. Why are they all laughing?
Man Walks Into WindowMan Walks Into Window
Whoever is in charge of cleaning those windows is doing a good job! Watch this man walk right into t
Massive Snowboard FallMassive Snowboard Fall
He's lucky there was a fresh batch of powder instead of the jagged ridges of the mountain side.
Mexican Car CrashMexican Car Crash
Hopefully everyone is ok now but wow, this is an intense accident. edit: RIP Edgar Ponce.
Mid Air Plane CrashMid Air Plane Crash
Two planes collide in mid-air. Miraculously, no one is killed. You'll see why at the end.
Mini Bike Face Plant VideoMini Bike Face Plant Video
Video of a chick doing a massive face plant on a mini bike. She was not hurt too bad because they sh
Mini Bike Snow JumpMini Bike Snow Jump
Did he really think this would work?
Mini Cooper Rally CrashMini Cooper Rally Crash
This little mini destroys itself on a bad turn.
Missing The MatMissing The Mat
Rescures try and save a man who jumps from a high tower by placing an inflatable mat on the ground f
Model Falls In High HeelsModel Falls In High Heels
Video of a model who has a hard time walking in high heel shoes. She looks good enough but if she ca
Monster Truck CrashMonster Truck Crash
Video from a monster truck race. One of the trucks goes out of control and crashes big time. Listen
Motocross Explosion AccidentMotocross Explosion Accident
For some reason this woman is sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time..watch her catch on fire
Motorcycle Crash - Front FlipMotorcycle Crash - Front Flip
These guys are taping themselves doing some tricks when one of them applies the front brake a little
Motorcycle Crash Close CallMotorcycle Crash Close Call
Holy crap this guy is really lucky. The bike barely missed him.
Motorcycle Crash LandingMotorcycle Crash Landing
This guy stops too fast and ends up flying over the handle bars.
Motorcycle Front Flip CrashMotorcycle Front Flip Crash
This motorcycle rider must have forgotten that he had new brakes on his bike. He hits the front brea
Motorcycle Loses Front TireMotorcycle Loses Front Tire
This motorcycle rider loses his front tire and flips over the handle bars. It's a good thing that th
Motorcycle Rear EndMotorcycle Rear End
A motorcycle crashes right into the back of another one. I'm not sure how this happened. It looks li
Motorcycle Runs Into CarMotorcycle Runs Into Car
A motorcycle slams in to a car that pulls in front of him.
Moving A RefrigeratorMoving A Refrigerator
These men have a little accident with their refrigerator. They should have called a professional!
Moving Truck On FireMoving Truck On Fire
I don't know how it started but this video shows a moving truck that is on fire. The officials are t
NHRA Crash VideoNHRA Crash Video
Veteran NHRA Pro Stock racers Bruce Allen and Kenny Koretsky were involved in a two-car accident dur
Nearly Escaping A Flesh WoundNearly Escaping A Flesh Wound
This guy barely escapes serious damage after the tire he shoots explodes and goes flying right past
News Crew Gets HitNews Crew Gets Hit
A news crew in Bucharest gets run over while filming a stunt car show.
News Reporter Buzzed By PlaneNews Reporter Buzzed By Plane
WARNING: Language - This news man was doing a story on the spitfire plane. They had it set up where
News Reporter Joins The StoryNews Reporter Joins The Story
A reporter gets more than a story when a terrible car accident unfolds right infront of him.
News Reporter Passes OutNews Reporter Passes Out
The lady falls over during her report and freaks everyone out.
News Woman On Air Slip UpNews Woman On Air Slip Up
This news woman has a funny little slip up while she is live on the air. I have to give her credit t
Nice ThrowNice Throw
A group of kids tries to throw another one and he ends up landing on his head.
Over The EdgeOver The Edge
Watch that last step.
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