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9.9Halloween Mario
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Parachute Water LandingParachute Water Landing
Video of a skydiver who has a hard time with his landing. He lands right in some water and he skips
Paris Hilton Bentley CrashParis Hilton Bentley Crash
Paris Hilton's boyfriend crashes their Bentley while drunk and being chased by the paparazzi.
Pedestrian vs CarPedestrian vs Car
When a car runs a red light a man who is crossing the street gets crushed!
Photographer Clipped By CarPhotographer Clipped By Car
A photographer is standing on the side of a street taking a picture when a car comes by and clips hi
Plane Crashes On LandingPlane Crashes On Landing
A military plane is coming in for a landing when something goes wrong and they have a horrible crash
Playing Footsie In ClassPlaying Footsie In Class
You have to feel sorry for the guy in this clip. He is flirting with the girl in the next desk when
Pole Dance AgainPole Dance Again
Just because I never get tired of seeing this.
Porsche Race AccidentPorsche Race Accident
Car crash video clip. Wild video of two Porsche's crashing during a race. One Porsche actually runs
Preacher Says Pinch TitsPreacher Says Pinch Tits
A young preacher is in the pulpit preaching when he makes a very embarrassing slip up! He is trying
Prerunners NetPrerunners Net
Crashes! This time, in the desert!
Protecting the BoysProtecting the Boys
Good advice in case you're ever in a Thai kickboxing fight.
Quick Car WreckQuick Car Wreck
WARNING: Language - Some guy is trying to be cool in a new car and he wrecks it after being behind t
Quick Ferrari CrashQuick Ferrari Crash
This red Ferrari does not get far down the track before they run into problems! What a shame to wrec
Race Car Crashes At 190 km per hourRace Car Crashes At 190 km per hour
This car smashes right into the wall at 190 km per hour and the driver walks away!
Race Car Pile UpRace Car Pile Up
Even professional race car drivers have trouble with wet roads. I have never seen so many race cars
Race Motorcycle ProblemRace Motorcycle Problem
I don't know exactly what happens here but when a motorcycle tries to take off for a race something
Race Track Pile UpRace Track Pile Up
Even professional racers cannot handle mother nature.
Rally Car Nails BystanderRally Car Nails Bystander
I hope the rally driver has insurance because he is definatly getting a lawsuit thrown at him.
Rally Crash MixRally Crash Mix
We have not posted any rally car crashes in a while so here is a great big compilation of rally cras
Rally Race Photographer Gets HitRally Race Photographer Gets Hit
A photographer at a rally race gets a little too close to the action and gets hit by a car. They rea
Rastle KaboomRastle Kaboom
It's all fake. Heh heh.
Record Car Jump AttemptRecord Car Jump Attempt
A stunt car driver attempts a world record car jump in this extreme video. When he hits the ramp the
Referee Gets Knocked OutReferee Gets Knocked Out
It looks like he accidently gets knocked over and ends up taking the glass out with him.
Remote Control Chopper Goes DownRemote Control Chopper Goes Down
A guy loses his expensive remote control helicopter. When it goes down it beats the ground with it's
Reporter Covered With SnowReporter Covered With Snow
This lady reporter is doing a story about the snow when she gets some first hand experience with it.
Rifle Has Recoil From HellRifle Has Recoil From Hell
This guy picks up a rifle that is a little more than he can handle. For a rifle tester he looks like
Robber Hit With PipeRobber Hit With Pipe
Some guy is trying to rob a store when a man walks up behind him and hits him across the head with s
Robbery Gone WrongRobbery Gone Wrong
This robber cannot get out so he freaks out and attacks everyone in the store.
Rock Climber Rescue Fails BigtimeRock Climber Rescue Fails Bigtime
These guys are caught between a rock and a hard place.
Rocket Bungee JumpRocket Bungee Jump
A Japanese TV show where this man's grandmother had to answer a trivia question. If she got it right
Rollerblade Grind AttemptRollerblade Grind Attempt
Another would be trickster on rollerblades. The guy in this video starts out his trick ok but does n
Rollerblade Head SmackRollerblade Head Smack
WARNING: Language - It is a good thing that the kid in this video was wearing his helmet. He is doin
Roof Blading Gone BadRoof Blading Gone Bad
I could have told you this one would have been a bad situation. I have an idea, light yourself on fi
Roof Falls InRoof Falls In
Some guy is trying to remodel a building when he runs into a little problem. The roof falls in and a
Rough Plane LandingRough Plane Landing
This plane does not crash but it has a pretty rough landing. I hope no one was in the planes bathroo
Sailboat Crushed By FerryboatSailboat Crushed By Ferryboat
It looks like the idiot on the sailboat did this on purpose.
School Bus AccidentSchool Bus Accident
The wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round. Round and SMASH!!
Scooter CrashScooter Crash
A woman on a scooter just speeds up and runs over the curb and off the road.
Semi Crashes Into Media VehicleSemi Crashes Into Media Vehicle
Video footage of a semi truck that went out of control on the icy road and crashed into some type of
Sexy Copy Machine GirlSexy Copy Machine Girl
This is a different take on copy machine humor. Most people copy their body parts on purpose but thi
Shaky TreeShaky Tree
Always remember kids. When chopping down trees... yeah. I don't know what to tell you. Just don't do
Short Building JumpShort Building Jump
A guy tries to jump from one building to the other but his luck is not too good. If he is even able
Skateboard Crash CompilationSkateboard Crash Compilation
A collection of some hilarious bails and body slams put to some nice tunes.
Skateboard Table JumpSkateboard Table Jump
A skateboarder tries to slide on a table but the table has something else in mind!
Skateboarder Crushes His JunkSkateboarder Crushes His Junk
Somebody get this guy some ice ! He crushes himself on a huge rail.
Skateboarder Falls From A RoofSkateboarder Falls From A Roof
I guess he learned his lesson when it comes to playing on rooftops.
Skater Mario RoofSkater Mario Roof
Some unlucky kid falls through a sky light. Nice touch with the Super Mario music.
Ski Stunt Rail SlideSki Stunt Rail Slide
Hey, Bode Miller had to start somewhere.
Ski Test FallSki Test Fall
I have never seen a machine like this but I guess these guys are testing out these skis. One of the
Skiier Cliff FallSkiier Cliff Fall
It almost looked like he meant to do it that way.
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