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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
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Guy Gets Hit By 2 CarsGuy Gets Hit By 2 Cars
This guy gets hit by 2 cars while crossing the street!
Guy In China Jumps Off A BuGuy In China Jumps Off A Bu
Why are you clicking on it? You know there's only one way it can end.
Guy Puts Condom Over His HeadGuy Puts Condom Over His Head
A guy puts a condom over his head and blows it up! I had no clue that those things could stretch tha
Guy's Friends Set His Feet On FireGuy's Friends Set His Feet On Fire
With friends like these who needs enemies? This guy falls asleep and his friends light his feet on f
Helicopter CollisionHelicopter Collision
Two helicopters get too close to each other and the blades hit. This causes both of the helicopters
Helper Ran OverHelper Ran Over
Extreme video! A car crashes and as a guy runs to help the driver he gets run over from behind by an
Hit Me BabyHit Me Baby
Hit them one more time. Use something hard this time too, like a hammer or a lug-wrench.
Horse Falls Off StageHorse Falls Off Stage
A horse is in some kind of drama or something when he falls off of the stage. He tries to get back o
Hurra Torpedo Total EclipseHurra Torpedo Total Eclipse
What if these guys were totally serious? I'm too bored to google them, but what the hell is up with
I Know Your PasswordI Know Your Password
I dont know why but I got a little laugh out of this video. Some guy tells a kid in an arcade that h
Idiot Skinhead ScumIdiot Skinhead Scum
A group of skinheads attacking random, innocnet people. I would love to see one of the people that t
Jamba SucksJamba Sucks
Umm... Yeah, your guess is as good as mine on this one.
Jennifer Lopez - Slip UpJennifer Lopez - Slip Up
UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO! - This news man makes the worst slip up ever! I guess we know what he was thinki
Jump AroundJump Around
It must be a European thing.
Kangaroo Having FunKangaroo Having Fun
Hilarious video of a kangaroo caught having a little fun by himself. This funny clip is caught on ta
Kick In The NutsKick In The Nuts
Want to see how kids that bring guns and bombs to school and kill everybody get that way?
Kid Get Pushed Into WaterKid Get Pushed Into Water
A couple of bully's push a little kid off his bike and into a ditch full of water. I hope he had a b
Koala Bear Gets FreshKoala Bear Gets Fresh
Here is a cute little video clip from the zoo. It looks like a male koala grabs a females butt and s
Lady Can Bug Her Eyes Out - Unbelievable!Lady Can Bug Her Eyes Out - Unbelievable!
This is the wildest thing I have ever seen someone do! It looks like her eyes are going to pop out o
Laser Tag ShockLaser Tag Shock
These new laser tag guns do more than light up when you get hit. They actually give you a little sho
Leopard Attacks ManLeopard Attacks Man
WARNING: Extreme - Extreme video footage of an animal attack caught on tape. A man pokes a caged leo
Lighting Strikes CarLighting Strikes Car
This video is pretty straight forward. It shows a car that is driving down the road when it is stuck
Little Girl In A SackLittle Girl In A Sack
Watch her face distort as she gets swung around in this little sack.
Little Michael JacksonLittle Michael Jackson
I didn't think there was any way Michael Jackson could be creepier. I didn't consider the midget fac
Man Needs More Cubicle SpaceMan Needs More Cubicle Space
This man needs more space in his cubicle so he comes up with a smart way to steal some space from hi
Man Plays Piano With BallsMan Plays Piano With Balls
Wow! This guy is super talented! Watch until the end because he gets faster and faster!
Masturbation is Not OKMasturbation is Not OK
In opposition to the video we posted last week, we now have a "progressive" parenting guide on telli
Mating Monkeys On Sun-RoofMating Monkeys On Sun-Roof
This family is driving through a drive-through zoo and gets more than what they expected. Close up v
Meteor Explodes In DesertMeteor Explodes In Desert
A group of guys are camping out in the desert when a meteor slams into the ground and explodes right
Moaning Tennis GirlsMoaning Tennis Girls
Two fine tennis players are moaning so much during their play that the umpire cant control himself.
Monster Sucker PunchMonster Sucker Punch
What can I say? This is a video of some poor guy getting knocked out by a monster sucker punch. Ya g
Motorcycle Rider Gets Run OverMotorcycle Rider Gets Run Over
WARNING: Extreme - If you do not want to see an extreme video then do not watch this one. A motorcyc
Mrs Bush Wrong Hurricane NameMrs Bush Wrong Hurricane Name
President Bush's wife does not know the name of Hurricane Katrina! She gets caught on live TV callin
Muscle Suit Figure SkaterMuscle Suit Figure Skater
This is... maybe.. one of the gayest things I have ever seen in my life. WARNING: You will feel a li
Must Have PancakesMust Have Pancakes
After watching this sexy video you will too want a ton of pancakes !
Napoleon Dynamite Dance DanceNapoleon Dynamite Dance Dance
Want to see some really creepy looking guy's version of the Napoleon Dynamite dance? I know, me eith
New Way To Charge Cell PhoneNew Way To Charge Cell Phone
This man has invented a new way to charge your cell phone. The only bad part is that it looks to goo
Old Woman Hits MercedesOld Woman Hits Mercedes
A couple of skaters had their video camera out one day and they caught an old lady teaching a guy so
Pepper Spray TrainingPepper Spray Training
Pepper spray combat training or... just good clean fun? You decide.
Perverted Guy It SeemsPerverted Guy It Seems
This hair dresser is disgusted with this man as he play's with something under the cape cover.
Plays Piano With Balls IIPlays Piano With Balls II
We have posted a video of another guy doing this same thing before. He plays the piano using only a
Police Use Nunchucks On Pro-LifersPolice Use Nunchucks On Pro-Lifers
This video shows the police using nunchucks on peaceful pro-life demonstrators. Before I saw this vi
Practical Joke On Sleeping FriendPractical Joke On Sleeping Friend
I would have to kick some butt if this happened to me! Some dude smacks his friend in the head with
Race Or Get A BJRace Or Get A BJ
Two guys are sitting side by side at a red light when one of them decides he wants to race. The othe
Redneck SurfingRedneck Surfing
What the heck was this guy thinking? What a waste of a nice truck!
Robber Run OverRobber Run Over
A robbery suspect is running from the police when he gets run over by a truck and arrested! Even tho
Robber Uses Coffee As WeaponRobber Uses Coffee As Weapon
This poor store clerk gets a hot steamy pot in her face.
Rude Wake Up CallRude Wake Up Call
WARNING: Language - A couple of guys give one of their friends a wake up call that you do not want t
Russian SpringerRussian Springer
Uh oh. The Russians have one-upped Jerry Springer with some added Karate! Hiyyyyy yahh!! Probably vo
Santa Is A NinjaSanta Is A Ninja
This guy proves that Santa is a Ninja.
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