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Stick Cricket344,770
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Whack Your Boss237,120
N Game211,708
Real Pool181,303
Drag Racer v3172,171
Bin Laden Liquors118,927
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9.9Halloween Mario
9.9Dog Gets Cat Massage
9.9Sub Sinks Ship
9.9Truck Wheel Hits Guy At Gas Pump
9.9Turbo Tank
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Scary Take OffScary Take Off
An airliner takes off but forgets to "take off." I really wanted to make a "forgot to pull out" joke
Scratch And SniffScratch And Sniff
It's a scratch and sniff monkey. Evidently the results aren't too pleasant.
Sexy Momma Keeps Phone Between BreastsSexy Momma Keeps Phone Between Breasts
It is safe to say that the woman in this video did not know the camera was on her. This sexy momma s
Shake That BootyShake That Booty
Now this is what I call a serious booty.
She Forgot The Words To The National AnthemShe Forgot The Words To The National Anthem
'Becky Simms' from Canada, was asked to sing the national anthem at a hockey game. When her star mom
Shin's In PainShin's In Pain
A group of guys who seem to have an obsession with hurting their own shins. I tell you, it is painfu
Shot While In The BathroomShot While In The Bathroom
WARNING: Language - With friends like these who needs enemies? A guy shoots his friend with a BB gun
Show Me Your UnderwearShow Me Your Underwear
Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel goes around the city asking people to show him their underwea
Small Boat Crashes Into Big BoatSmall Boat Crashes Into Big Boat
Extreme video of a small sail boat crashing into a very large ferry type boat. I don't know what tha
Small Fight GrowsSmall Fight Grows
WARNING: Language - Fight video. This fight starts out between two guys and when one of their friend
Smashing Cans With BoobsSmashing Cans With Boobs
The woman in this wild video has some massive boobs. She uses them to crush cans with. I don't think
Soccer Goalie Scores A GoalSoccer Goalie Scores A Goal
This may be the first time in history that a soccer goalie has scored a goal like this! He kicks the
Soccer Play Scores In Own GoalSoccer Play Scores In Own Goal
You dont see this every day in the sport of soccer. A player scores a goal in his own goal! Some peo
Soldiers Knock Over Porta PottySoldiers Knock Over Porta Potty
Video of soldiers somewhere in the middle east having a little fun. They knock over a porta potty th
Spanish Police Hits WomanSpanish Police Hits Woman
An act of violence is caught on tape as a Spanish police officer hits a woman who does not appear to
Thanksgiving GoodThanksgiving Good
This lady says that Thanksgiving does a body good but I dont know after looking at her.
The Arkansas StupidThe Arkansas Stupid
A man gets his kayak up on a hill and pushes himself down the hill and into the water below. They ca
The Cat HunterThe Cat Hunter
This guy kills cats then sells them for money to restaurants.
Thermite VS CarThermite VS Car
In this video they totally destroy a car using thermite. First they burn a whole through the engine
This Will Set Off Your GaydarThis Will Set Off Your Gaydar
This webcam lip sync video will haunt your dreams for years to come.
Tom Cruise Get's Water Squirted In His FaceTom Cruise Get's Water Squirted In His Face
Tom Cruise gets squirted with water through a fake microphone at his premier of 'War of The Worlds.'
UFO Circles EarthUFO Circles Earth
A lot of people will say this is fake but who knows? This video from a satellite shows what seems to
Ugliest Dog In The WorldUgliest Dog In The World
Video of the world's ugliest dog! To me he kind of looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings! What an
Vegetable GenocideVegetable Genocide
Because there's something for eveyone on the Internet. A site based on destroying vegetables.
WTF Is This Thing?WTF Is This Thing?
Can anyone figure out what the heck this is ? An alien maybe?
WWE Wrestlers Kiss In The RingWWE Wrestlers Kiss In The Ring
After all those years of being in tights it has finally started ! I don't think I will ever be able
Wal-Mart StampedeWal-Mart Stampede
Unbelievable video of people get trampled in a stampede in a Wal-Mart store. This happened the day a
Wall Street ShuffleWall Street Shuffle
This must be some really clever, literate, hilarious spoof of some movie or music video that's all t
Watch Out For That CowWatch Out For That Cow
Rally racers encounter an unexpected obstacle.
Water Plane Take OffWater Plane Take Off
Two guys who are out fishing in a boat get a little surprise when they see a water plane coming thei
Weather Man Sucks Big TimeWeather Man Sucks Big Time
This must be this guys first time on the air! I would have stopped after the first 30 seconds and sa
Who Watches RupaulWho Watches Rupaul
What is going on in the world these days ? Well this kind of crap.
Wild Gas Pump AccidentWild Gas Pump Accident
This is the kind of freak accident that does not happen very often. A man is pumping gas when a big
Woman Will Not Sign TicketWoman Will Not Sign Ticket
A woman is stopped by the police and they try to give her a ticket. She refuses to sign the ticket a
Worlds Biggest Pillow FightWorlds Biggest Pillow Fight
Turns out this brutal battle of the weenies results in serveral feather allergy outbreaks. They all
Worst Band In HistoryWorst Band In History
This video was labeled as the worst band in history and I agree with that. The music is bad and the
Worst Soccer Miss EverWorst Soccer Miss Ever
This had to be embarrassing. This soccer player is standing right at the goal with no one in his way
Wrestling Fan CriesWrestling Fan Cries
The guy in this video gets owned by himself! This video was taken at an event where old retired wres
Young Swedish Soccer HooligansYoung Swedish Soccer Hooligans
Lame! These "yahooligans" wouldn't last 5 seconds in anything resembling a real ight.
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